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FY15 Small Business Accessible Market

The Department of the Navy has a significant amount of spend each fiscal year obligated to programs that, at the prime contracting level, are awarded principally to Other Than Small Businesses (OTSB). These are areas where the small business industry has little or no industry to support the requirements such as, but not limited to manufacturing of major shipbuilding, nuclear reactors, missile systems, winged aircraft, weapon systems, and some Research and Development (R&D). As a result of these spends not being accessible to Small Business, the DoN developed the Small Business Accessible Market (SBAM) as a way to gauge how Navy performs in markets and industries where Small Business has an opportunity to compete for awards. Currently, the DON defines the SBAM as spends for Product Service Codes (PSC) where Small Business achieved greater than 1% market share across the federal government in prior fiscal years. In FY15 the Navy achieved a SBAM performance of 29.10% and an overall Small Business performance of 18.57%, both improvements over our FY14 SBAM and SB performances of 26.09% and 17.20% respectively. Focusing on the SBAM will enable small businesses to market to those buying commands that offer the greatest competitive opportunity for achieving success with the Navy and Marine Corps.