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Naval Air Systems Command


Sailors and Marines Armed with Confidence…
Because we develop, deliver, and sustain aircraft, weapons, and systems – on time, on cost, with proven capability and reliability – so they succeed in every mission and return safely home.

Strategic Priorities

  • Increase Speed to the Fleet through program of record planning and execution, and rapid response to urgent warfighter needs;
  • Consistently Deliver Integrated & Interoperable Warfighting Capabilities (platforms, sensors and weapons operating seamlessly in a systems of systems environment) that produce an immediate and sustainable increase in warfighting effectiveness; and
  • Improve Affordability by reducing operating and sustainment costs for fielded systems and implementing life-cycle cost reduction initiatives as part of new systems development.


Established in 1966 as the successor to the Navy’s Bureau of Naval Weapons, the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) is headquartered in Patuxent River, Md., with military and civilian personnel stationed at eight locations across the continental United States and one site overseas.

NAVAIR is organized into eight "competencies" or communities of practice including: program management, contracts, research and engineering, test and evaluation, logistics and industrial operations, corporate operations, comptroller and counsel. NAVAIR provides support (people, processes, tools, training, mission facilities, and core technologies) to Naval Aviation Program Executive Officers (PEOs) and their assigned program managers, who are responsible for meeting the cost, schedule, and performance requirements of their assigned programs.

NAVAIR's affiliated PEOs are:

  • PEO for Tactical Aircraft Programs, PEO(T)
  • PEO for Air ASW, Assault and Special Mission Programs, PEO(A)
  • PEO for Unmanned Aviation and Strike Weapons, PEO(U&W), and
  • PEO for Joint Strike Fighter, PEO(JSF), (which alternates service lead with the U.S. Air Force)

NAVAIR is the principal provider for the Naval Aviation Enterprise (NAE), while contributing to every Warfare enterprise in the interest of national security. We embrace the privilege of our responsibility to the Sailor and Marine in partnership with industry, all Naval Aviation stakeholders, and our fellow Systems Commands.

Office of Small Business Programs

The Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR)Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) is led by small business professionals who are committed to maximizing procurement opportunities for small businesses, and has a large impact on the Secretary of the Navy’s overall goals. NAVAIR small business professionals are constantly meeting with small businesses, requiring activities, and performing market research to identify and determine potential break-out opportunities for small businesses set-asides.

NAVAIR OSBP ensures that NAVAIR is in full compliance with Public Law 85-536, Small Business Act, as amended and other public laws and Executive Orders covering the Small Business Program.

NAVAIR OSBP plans, develops and directs the overall Small Business Program at NAVAIR Headquarters and its field activities. In addition, it advises the NAVAIR Commander of new developments in Public Laws and political interests that affect the Command's Small Business program management.

To view the FY19-FY20 Strategic Plan, click here


To be a valuable resource that enables the Best Solutions for the Warfighter. We are advocates for NAVAIR’s Strategic Priorities: Increase speed to the Fleet; Deliver Integrated & Interoperable Warfighting Capabilities; and Improve Affordability. Achieving these priorities requires the entrepreneurial skills of Small and Large Businesses. We strive to ensure that the creative talents of small business are nurtured and sustained in defense of freedom.


Enabling the Warfighter with Creative Solutions brought to them through small business.

Small Business Contact

Naval Air Systems Command
Office: (301) 757-9044

DON Office of Small Business Programs: (202) 685-6485