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Headquarters, USMC I&L

 Headquarters, USMC I&L


The Department of Navy and U.S. Marine Corps will embrace a culture of shared responsibility that recognizes the critical role of small businesses in advancing our naval capability and the strength of our nation’s economy and security by seeking qualified small businesses at the earliest stage of acquisition planning.


  • Mission-Focused
  • Adaptive
  • Innovative
  • Resilient

Strategic Priorities

Marine Corps Installation & Logistics support the Corps' ability to generate, train and sustain expeditionary crisis responses forces, ready to operate across the range of military operations, whether from home station, forward-based or forward deployed.

  • Development of an enduring advocacy initiative that leverages the entire logistics community, for development of logisticians prepared for 21st century expeditionary operations, regardless of mission or location
  • Logistics and installations experts that will be able to support and sustain marines in any clime or place, against any foe, for any mission
  • Improved operating force readiness

About USMC I&L

The Installations and Logistics Department shapes logistics plans and policies to sustain excellence in warfighting. The focus of effort is to increase Marine Air Ground Task Force lethality by providing superior support through modernizing logistics processes, implementing proven technology and best practices, developing standards of performance, and fully integrating the supporting establishment as the fifth element of the Marine Air Ground Task Force. USMC I&L is a dynamic advocacy that provides training, advice, guidance, and innovative strategies ensuring quality solutions for Navy and Marine Corps acquisition teams and to maximize opportunities for small businesses.

Small Business Opportunities Programs-LK/ provides a link to the Installations and Logistics Department’s Small Business Division website that includes contact information within the Marine Corps Field Contracting System. Those contacts can provide information on Industry Days under their purview. The website also provides the Long Range Acquisition Forecast (LRAF).

The office maintains an aggressive outreach program to identify potential Small Business Program participants by attending and participating in government-industry conferences throughout the United States. In addition, I & L is a “Command Champion” for Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).

I & L’s Small Business Professionals are vital members of the acquisition team; partnering with Contracts Professionals to identify and utilize small business solutions to meet warfighter needs.

To view the FY19-FY20 Strategic Plan, click here

Small Business Contact

Headquarters, Marine Corps I&L

Office: (703) 604-4219

DON Office of Small Business Programs: (202) 685-6485