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Sexual Assault Information and Support for DON Civilians In the Pentagon

DON SAPRO Portal and Video Library
Access the DON SAPRO Portal (CAC Required)

DON SAPRO Strategic Plan Signed

2017-10-01 DON SAPRO Strategic Plan Signed


 Together We Can Prevent Sexual Assaults

         Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert

Sexual assault is a crime... It hurts a shipmate and affects the readiness of the entire unit. Ultimately, our challenge to eliminate sexual assaults will be resolved by leadership - at the unit level.

CNO announced five initiatives to help "end the scourge of sexual assault" in our Navy (click here).

Admiral John Richardson

Chief of Navy Operations

General Robert B. Neller   

Sexual assault has no place in our Corps. Sexual assault not only has a long-lasting effect on the individual victim, but it also erodes unit readiness and command climate. I see positive progress and indicators that the Marine Corps SAPR Program is going in the right direction. However, I also believe that there is still much work to do... Marines must all work together to create an environment in which crimes of misconduct are not tolerated in any form.

General Robert B. Neller Jr.

Commandant of the Marine Corps