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Director, Acquisition Workforce Management

NOTE: It can take up to six (6) weeks for your eDACM profile to fully update.  If after that time, your profile has not completely updated contact NACC Career Management.

The eDACM website is used by NADP employees to:

  • View DAWIA transcripts
  • Apply for the Department of the Navy (DON) sponsored continuous learning events
  • Document continuous learning points
  • Apply for Acquisition Workforce Tuition Assistance Program (AWTAP)
  • Manage their Electronic Development Plan (EDP)
  • Access important announcement regarding DAU courses and career field criteria
  • Access the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) Operating Guide
  • Access the DON AWTAP Policy, Funding Guidelines Memorandum and School Tuition Payment Memorandum and Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) Process

Please note certification is not automatic upon completion of required courses.  You must apply for certification.

Please select one of the following informational documents for guidance:

For assistance, contact the eDACM Support Team.
1.  Call by dialing 717-605-2357 a voice prompt will provide you the following options:
  • For AWTAP, Grades, Education Requests or Continuous Learning - Option #1
  • For DAU, Profile Discrepancies and General Assistance - Option #2
  • For all Other Inquiries - Option #3
  • To repeat the menu option - Option #9
To select the above options, press the corresponding number on your telephone dial pad.

2.  While in your eDACM profile, from "Help" drop down menu select "Contact Us", an email inquiry screen will appear.  Select the subject matter of your email from the "Inquiry Category" drop down menu.

3.  Email eDACM Support Team.

When emailing the eDACM Support Team, please include the following information:
  • Your first and last name
  • Command/Organization
  • Contact Number
  • A detailed description of your concern or information request

4.  Click this link to be taken to the eDACM website .