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Director, Acquisition Workforce Management

Many of your questions can be answered by referring to the NADP Operating Guide, Payroll Guide or DAWIA Operating Guide.​

An employee would like to complete a rotation outside the Navy, what steps do I need to take to approve a rotation outside the DON?
Along with a rotation request form, please include a justification letter sent from the CFM The justification must include the IDP competencies to be attained, the uniqueness of the assignment, and the projected benefit to the individual as well as the Homeport activity in the target position. Further guidance is available in Section 8.4.5 “Rotations Outside DON” of the NADP Operating Guide.
Are Performance Plans and Individual Development Plans (IDPs) the same thing?
No. Performance Plans are for the documentation and assessment of your performance as a federal employee. DON Performance Appraisal Form and instructions are available in the Performance Plans section of our website. IDPs are specific to your training and development requirements while in the NADP. Please ensure that you always use the most current MDPs/IDPs and IDP Summaries that are available in the Development Plans section of our website.
Can I do an external rotation outside the DON?

Section 8.4.5 "Rotations Outside DON" of the NADP Operating Guide states rotational assignments outside the DON are extremely rare and will only be considered when the training is not readily available within DON. There are sufficient rotations that can provide optimal learning experiences within the DON which we prefer you to pursue. If your CFM feels a rotation outside the DON is the best rotation for your career development, as further stated in the aforementioned Section of the NADP Operating Guide, your CFM will need to identify the specific IDP competencies to be attained, the uniqueness of the assignment, and the projected benefit to you as well as the homeport activity in the target position.

Note: Provide contact information (full name, telephone number and email address) for your rotational CFM on rotation requests.

The NADP Operating Guide is available in the Policy & Gudiance section of our website.
Can my rotation last longer than ninety (90) or fifty-nine (59) days?

Yes, however due to the many variables employees should contact your NACC CM or ACM for guidance as these are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Does NACC have suggestions work an employee can complete in the first weeks without a Common Access Card (CAC)?
Your CFM should be guiding you and assisting you in this process.  Once you have identified a rotational CFM and a command you would complete either the Rotation Request Form which is available on our website or the external rotation page from your long version MDP, complete it to include rotation command and location, dates of the rotational assignment, description, competencies gained, rotational CFM's name, email address and telephone number.  Ensure that both your homeport CFM and your rotational CFM sign the form. 
How can I apply for rotation opportunities?

Your CFM should be guiding you and assisting you in this process. Once you have identified a rotational CFM and a command you would complete the Rotation Request Form which is available on our website., Ensure that you complete the form in its entirety to include the rotation command and location, dates of the rotational assignment, competencies gained, rotational CFM's name, email address and telephone number. Ensure that both your homeport CFM and your rotational CFM sign the form.

Guidance for rotational assignments is available in Section 8.4 “Rotational Assignments" and Appendix G “NACC Funded Travel Procedures” of the NADP Operating Guide which is available in the Policy & Guidance section of our website. Guidance is also provided in the Rotations and Travel sections of our website.

How do I apply for Level I/II certification?
After logging into the eDACM system, navigate to “Manage Career” >> “Certification” >> “Manage Certification Requests” and then click the “Add Certification Request” button and follow the prompts to complete  the process. Please see the "Applying for Certification" instructions available in the eDACM and How To” Guides sections of our website.
How do I get NACC funding for a training course that I want to attend?

If there is a fee associated with a course, you will need to submit an SF182, the course description and fee information to the NACC. You must also provide any estimated travel costs. All training requests must be submitted to the  at least 60 days before the training start date. This timeframe is set so that NACC can process the request and ensure funding for the request is in place. When submitting an SF182 to NACC for funding, please ensure that only Section D 1a-e on page 2 is completed.
All other sections on page 2 are for NACC staff.  Also note that the SSN, DOB, home address and home phone number should be left blank.

Guidance for NACC funding of training courses is available in Section 8.3.4 "Application Process" of the NADP Operating Guide which is available in the Policy & Guidance section of our website. Guidance is also provided in the Training and Travel sections of our website.
How does NACC communicate updates and messages to CFMS, supervisors, and the NADP workforce?

​Email is the primary vehicle for communication to the work force.  Information is also posted to the NACC Bulletin Board. Employees are required to check the bulletin board regularly for new messages and items requiring action.

I would like to do an OCONUS external rotation.  Can you provide me guidance on requesting an OCONUS rotation?
Please see section 8.4 "Rotational Assignments" of the NADP Operating Guide which provides guidance, timelines and the required documentation to be provided for any rotation. Section 8.4.6 "OCONUS Rotations", provides specific guidance and required information for OCONUS rotations. All of the required documents must be submitted prior to your OCONUS rotation being endorsed by the NACC.
My eDACM profile does not show me as an Acquisition Workforce member.  Why?
Your information in eDACM is updated by an automatic data feed from the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS).  This update occurs around the middle of the month following the month when the action was processed in DCPDS.  It is possible for this update to take 30-45 days following your start date.


We would like to request NACC to fund a training requiring both tuition and travel costs.  What documents should the employee submit to NACC? 
Please submit the following items to the NACC ACM at least 60 days prior to the start of the class.
    • Completed and signed SF182.  Only section D, blocks 1a-1e should be filled out and signed by the 1st level supervisor or the CFM.  All other signature blocks are for the NACC approval process.  Also note that the SSN, DOB, home address and home phone number should be left blank.
    • Estimated travel costs
    • Registration fee information
    • Agenda
    • Course description

For training requests that require only NACC funded travel, please see Appendix G of the NADP Operating Guide.

What constitutes a technical training course?

Section E of the MDP states whether a requirement exists for a technical course for a particular career filed. In addition, the funding source for the course will also be identified. Where NACC is noted as the funding source in the MDP, courses of this nature are normally up to one week long and total cost to include travel is below $4,000. Courses that go beyond these general parameters will be considered on a case-by case basis and will require written justification to be submitted. Where the local Command is noted as the funding source, seek guidance from your CFM as to the parameters.

NACC will fully support the decisions of the Homeport CFM in regards to the technical training requirement(s) since they are the career field expert.

Continuous Learning (CL) courses may also be used to fulfill this requirement as long as your supervisor/CFM approves.

Further guidance is provided in Section 8.3.2 “Technical Courses and Professional Development” of the NADP Operating Guide.

What is a good Senior Project and where do I get Senior Project information?

Completion of a senior project for Entry Level employees may be required by the MDP. This project demonstrates the required career field's competencies and the employee’s acquired perspective of the business aspects of Naval Acquisition. The MDP provides guidance on type of project, format and approval process whereas the IDP describes the specific project, concept and relationship to the career field. You should also seek guidance from your supervisor and/or CFM regarding Senior Project guidelines and requirements.

Further guidance is available in Section 8.5 “Senior Projects” of the NADP Operating Guide.

What is a program review?

The definition of a Program Review as stated in Section 8.3.3 of the NADP Operating Guide is as follows:  "A Program Management Review is any significant Program Review event leading to establishment of a design baseline, or achievement of a Program acquisition milestone. Subject event should cover the entire scope and strategy of the acquisition/development effort and should touch on all key/critical acquisition related products and documentation. Some events that could be considered program Management Reviews include any series of program briefings leading to a milestone decision, any Systems Engineering Technical Review including but not limited to SRR, SFR, PDR or CDR, or Operational Test Readiness Review (OTRR)."

NACC will fully support the decisions of the Homeport CFM in regards to the program review requirement since they are the career field expert.

Guidance for program reviews can be found in the Competencies section of the MDP, if one is required for your career field.


What's the difference in an MDP, IDP and IDP Summary?
The MDP is the Master Development Plan for your career field. It contains the minimum education and proficiency levels required for a career field and it is developed by the DON Career Field National Competency Chair Members. MDPs for both the Entry Level and Associate employees can be found in the Development Plans section of our website. The MDP becomes an Individual Development Plan (IDP) once it is filled out and tailored to an individual. The IDP Summary is a one page document for Entry Level employees only and is used as a summary of the minimum IDP/MDP requirements for graduation. IDP Summaries are also available in the Development Plans section of our website.

Note : The MDP for Entry Level employees is a multi-page Excel document and is for use at the local command only.

Further guidance is provided in Section 8.1 “Development Plans” of the NADP Operating Guide.
When do we submit IDP/MDPs to the NACC?

Entry Level employees should submit the one page IDP Summary to the NACC within 45 days of your start date and 60 days prior to your graduation date. Associates should submit their MDP to the NACC within the first 45 days of the program and 60 days prior to graduation.

Further guidance is provided in Section 8.1 “Development Plans” of the NADP Operating Guide.

Where can I go to get recent updates about the program?

All NADP employees should regularly check the NADP Website ‘Bulletin Board Announcements’ for any new information related to the program. The information posted here may also be relayed to employees via e-mail.

Further guidance can be found in Chapter 4 “Communication Tools” of the NADP Operating Guide.

Who is my CFM?
Each employee is assigned a Career Field Manager (CFM), located at the employee Homeport command. The Homeport CFM is the most important person in the NADP to ensure the success of the member and the program. The CFM is responsible for the content of the employee development program and for ensuring all aspects of the program are completed prior to program graduation. If the CFM is unknown, contact your supervisor, NACC CM or NACC ACM for assistance.
Who should I send IDP summaries, rotation and training requests at NACC for endorsement?
All IDP summaries, rotation and training requests should be emailed to NACC_CAREER_MANAGEMENT@NAVY.MIL. You do not need to copy the Career Manager (CM) on the email as the ACM forwards the action upon review.
How do I get my Common Access Card (CAC)?

​You will need to coordinate this with your local/host command.  Please ask your supervisor or Career Field Manager for guidance regarding your host command’s procedure.

Please see Section 3.4.1 “Homeport CFM” of the NADP Operating Guide.

I am a new employee in the program, how do I enter my time into SLDCADA?

​Please see the “ Welcome Aboard Information ” section of our website as provided in your Welcome Aboard email.  This section provides a link to the SLDCADA information document.  All new employees must remain on an 8 hour work schedule for their first pay period.  SLDCADA is defaulted for this 8 hour work schedule so there is no need for you to submit a timecard to the NACC.  After the first pay period and if the Host command allows it, employees may change to an Alternate Work Schedule (AWS).

I am applying for a mortgage, can you verify my employment?

Employment Verification is available on MyBiz.  Login into DCPDS , select “MyBiz”, select “Employment Verification”.  You have two options of Employment Verification one that is “Employment Information”; or one that is “Employment and Salary Information”.

I am interested in pursuing a Master’s Degree.  Do I have access to tuition assistance through the Navy Acquisition Development Program? 

​As an Acquisition Workforce Member, you are eligible to apply for AWTAP or Acquisition Workforce Tuition Assistance Program to pursue a DAWIA enhancing degree or certification program.  Please refer to the AWTAP Standard Operating Procedures, which can be found on the eDACM site by holding your mouse over “Manage Career”, moving over to “Tuition Assistance” then selecting “Guidance and Documents”. You can also read Chapter 17 of the DAWIA Operating Guide.

Please note that AWTAP will only pay for one degree or certificate program.  If you have any further questions regarding AWTAP, please contact the AWTAP Manager.

I just got married/divorced, how do I get my name changed?

​You will need to provide your Career Services Representative with copies of two (2) legal/official documents that reflect your new name (Social Security Card, Driver's License, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, etc.).  Do not send original documents.

See Section See Section 5.2.4 “Name Changes” of the NADP Operating Guide.


I moved, where do I change my address?

My Biz ( Select "Navy Region", "My Biz" the "Update My Information"
Benefits Line (TSP): 888-320-2917
NACC Payroll Technician: Send an updated W-4.
GOVCC - your government travel credit card.
myPay (

I request to place an employee into a billet or position that requires access to Top Secret (TS) information.  Is this possible?

​The subject employee must be a GS-9 or higher. The employee must have already received their Final Secret security clearance from the Department of the Navy Combined Adjudication Facility (DONCAF). The Homeport Command assumes all responsibility for actions and costs in submitting the Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI) and subsequent documentation of the Top Secret security clearance if granted by DONCAF. 

Please contact the appropriate Career Manager for questions and see Appendix K of the NADP Operating Guide .

If there is bad weather and the installation is closed, what should a NADP employee do?

​When an employee’s duty location is closed during an event, they should follow the directions of their local installation. If the based is closed and employees are on administrative leave, employees will annotate administrative leave (LN) in SLDCADA. This time will be charged to NACC and not the local Command.

My employee would like to transfer to a different location within the command.  What documents does NACC require to transfer the employee?

​Transfers are not commonplace and generally not approved.  In rare cases, transfers are considered when there is a documented hardship or when mission requirements require the transfer.  Each request is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Guidance for transfers is available in the NADP Operating Guide , please see Section 5.3.9 Transfers.


My promotion is supposed to be effective today. Why am I not seeing it in MyBiz or TWMS?

​Promotions are always effective on the first Sunday of a pay period. You will not see the promotion SF-50 in MyBiz until about the second Wednesday of the pay period.  TWMS is updated by a data upload from DCPDS so there is approximately a two (2) week delay for that information to be updated.  You will not see the pay increase on your Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) until the following pay period.

What do I do with my W4?

​Your W4 is to be submitted with your annual federal, state and local income tax returns.

After applying for an announcement, how can I check my status and when will I receive communication on my application?

​All communication regarding the status of your application is automated and will come from the system.  You will receive communication from the system at four points in the application process: 1) Shortly after completing your application; 2) After the announcement closes and a qualifier has reviewed your application; 3) If determined as qualified, you will receive notification as to your referral status; and 4) If referred to a selecting official, you will be notified upon completion of the selection process.  You may log into Application Manager  at any time to see your current status for any applications submitted through that system.

Can I apply by mailing my application to NACC in Mechanicsburg?

​No, applications are only accepted online for vacancy announcements.  Any applications received at the NACC will not be accepted for applying to open announcements and will not be returned.

How do I apply for a position?

​NADP (entry level & associate) vacancies will be posted through the Office of Personnel Management's (OPM) USAJOBS website .  Positions can be found by going to the website, clicking on the "search jobs" button, and performing a keyword search for "Naval Acquisition Development Program".  All currently open announcements will appear.  To apply, simply click on the position in which you are interested and follow the application instructions.  If the search results state "No results matched the query", then there are currently no open announcements.  Potential applicants are encouraged to check USAJOBS periodically as announcements are placed there on an infrequent basis and may only be open for a short period of time.

Positions will be filled through OPM's USA Staffing Tool, Application Manager.

To apply, log into Application Manager , create an account or log in to your existing Application Manager account.  You cannot apply without creating or using an existing account.  Under "Start a new application", enter the Vacancy Identification Number from the announcement or recruiting flyer.  Follow the on-line application instructions and be sure to upload your resume, all transcripts and veteran's documentation sufficient to determine your qualifications and veteran's preference.  The preferred method to submit the required application materials is through the "upload process" although fax submissions will also be accepted.

How long will my application be on file for the position I have applied for?

​Until the position(s) you have applied for is filled.

I have questions about the announcement or about the application, is there someone to contact?

​Any questions dealing specifically with the Vacancy Announcement or application procedures should be directed to NACC Recruiting.

I keep getting error messages while in Application Manager, is there someone to contact?

​All problems with program/software operations should be directed to Application Manager Help Desk.

If I cannot upload the required documents, where do I fax my documents to?

​Information on faxing documents as well as printing out the fax cover page can be found in Documents Upload area of the Application Manager.  To go to the documents upload area, login to Application Manager , click on the application you want to upload from the "My Application Packages" section, open the "details" tab, click on the "add documents" button in the Documents area.  Directions for faxing as well as the fax cover page can be found on this page.

When will the NADP job openings be posted on the USAJOBS website?

​Openings on the USAJOBS website will be posted on an infrequent basis until all positions are filled for the fiscal year.

Who do I contact with questions regarding my qualifications determination for an announcement I applied to?

​​​​Questions regarding any notification of results from USA Staffing should be emailed to the DON Employment Info Center (EIC). Be sure to note the Job Announcement Number in your email.    

Will I be able to apply for more than one position?

Yes.  You are able to apply each time you see a position announced on the USAJOBS website.  A complete and separate application will be required for each position/vacancy you apply for.

Will my veteran's preference still apply with the web-based application process?

​Absolutely, as with any federal position your veteran's preference will be applied in this process.  Make sure you include all supporting documentation required by OPM to verify your eligibility for preference.  Failure to provide the documentation will result in no preference being given.

With the application processes now being an online process through USA Staffing, will NACC still qualify candidates?

NACC is no longer the qualifying agent; all applications will be qualified and audited by our Office of Civilian Human Resources (OCHR) office.

 I want to take my privately owned vehicle (POV) for my TDY/rotation.  Can I do that?

Yes, only if it is cost effective or there is a cost savings to the government over the government preferred mode of travel (commercial air).  You will need to complete a Cost Comparison Worksheet that shows the cost savings to the government and submit to your Career Manager (CM).  You may not be authorized to request reimbursement for expenses or travel compensatory time for days that exceed the amount (one day) that would be necessary to travel by government preferred mode of travel. If you are traveling under 400 miles (one way), a Cost Comparison Sheet is not required.

See Appendix G “NACC Funded Travel Procedures” of the NADP Operating Guide.

Do I have to depart on Monday for my rotational travel?  Why not allow travel on Sundays and report for duty at the rotational command on  Monday?

Yes, you must depart on a Monday for your rotational assignment.  The Naval Acquisition Career Center (NACC) will not incur expenses or authorize you to earn travel compensatory time for Sunday travel.  If you have any further questions, contact your NACC Career Manager or Assistant Career Manager.

Please see Section 8.4 Rotational Assignments of the NADP Operating Guide.

During my rotation I want to rent an apartment instead of a hotel how do I do that?

You can stay wherever you want and in whatever commercial lodging facility you choose.  However, you will only receive lodging per diem entitlements for actual lodging costs up to but not exceeding the per diem rate of the area in which you are performing your rotation.  Lodging facilities that include third party booking i.e. AirBNB or private landlords are prohibited. You will need to provide copies of your lodging receipts and a signed lease/agreement.

Please see Appendix G “NACC Funded Travel Procedures” of the NADP Operating Guide.

How and where do I send my authorization/voucher?
Go to the “Digital Signature” page at the end.  There is a routing drop down box.  To ensure your orders are routed to the NACC, ensure that Naval Acquisition Development Program (NADP) is selected.
How are scheduled partial payments disbursed?
All payments (scheduled partial and final) are disbursed to both your personal account that is registered in the Defense Travel System (DTS) and to your government travel credit card based on the reimbursements selected on your authorization.  (Expenses that are personal reimbursement will be sent to your personal account; expenses that are GOVCC/GTCC Individual reimbursement will be sent to your government travel credit card account).
How do I obtain a Government Credit Card?
Once you have received your Common Access Card (CAC) which can take up to three (3) weeks, you will need to complete Government Credit Card training and immediately apply for your Government Credit Card through your homeport Commands Agency Program Coordinator. Please see your local supervisor or Career Field Manager for more information to ensure completion.  You must obtain and upload your GOVCC/GTCC information into your DTS profile in order to start your authorization.
I need to get a cash advance to pay for my lodging, how do I do that?

You can either withdraw the cash using your Government Travel Credit Card or you can withdraw the money from your personal account.  If you chose to withdraw the money using your GOVCC/GTCC, please ensure that you reflect that your disbursement for lodging is sent to your GOVCC/GTCC.  If you need assistance with this or any other DTS/travel related issue, please contact your Career Service Representative. The GOVCC/GTCC should not be billed until official travel date.

See Appendix G “NACC Funded Travel Procedures of the NADP Operating Guide.

I will be on leave after my travel is completed, is it okay if my voucher is not done within five (5) business days after completion of my travel?

Yes, but please keep in mind that the longer it takes for you to complete and submit your voucher, the longer it will be before you receive your reimbursement, and for payment to be sent to your government travel credit card and personal account.

I've been told that my DTS Account must be setup through the NACC and not my local command. How can I go about setting up an account?
That is not correct.  Your host command is responsible for creating your DTS account.  You should contact your Lead Defense Travel Administrator (LDTA).  If your LDTA has issues or questions creating your DTS account please have them contact the NACC’s LDTA.
What Line of Accounting (LOA) do I use?
NACC now uses the Cross Org for NACC (non-DAU) funded travel.  When creating your authorization contact your NACC CSR for the appropriate Cross Org LOA.  Once you have created your authorization in DTS, you should select the applicable NADP option in the “Cross Org LOA” on the “Accounting” page in DTS.  (For example: 17852 Travel or 17 NAIP Travel– the leading number will change with each new fiscal year.)  This will also automatically populate the NADP “Routing list” on the “Digital Signature” page.  You will need to ensure that the “Submit this document as” dropdown list reflects “Signed” then click the “Submit Completed Document” which will then route the travel to NACC personnel for processing.  If you need assistance, contact your NACC Career Services Representative.
When can I submit my authorization in DTS?
Anytime, however, it is best to submit your authorization at LEAST 30 days prior to travel.  This will ensure ample time for your authorization to be reviewed and approved by NACC. Ensuring your authorization is completed and approved by NACC personnel is the employee’s responsibility.