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Director, Acquisition Workforce Management
Acquisition Corps

Defense Acquisition Corps, Formerly Acquisition Professional Community

Established in 1990, the purpose of the Acquisition Corps (AC) is to create a pool of highly qualified AWF personnel to fill Critical Acquisition Positions (CAPs) and Key Leadership Positions (KLPs).

In 2005, DoD Directive 5000.52 consolidated the separate DoD component acquisition corps into a single Defense Acquisition Corps. As a result of the consolidation, the name of the DON Acquisition Professional Community (APC) changed to Acquisition Corps. All APC members, including those who were waived into the APC, became members of the single Acquisition Corps. AC membership in any DoD Component is recognized by all DoD Components. New entrants must meet current Acquisition Corps requirements. Acquisition Corps membership, or a position waiver, is required for assignment to CAPs and KLPs.

Earning membership into the Acquisition Corps is a critical step in preparation for acquisition leadership. As of September 30, 2011, 12,309 or 23% of DON AWF personnel were members of the Acquisition Corps. They comprise an elite group of acquisition professionals with the skills and attributes required to lead and effectively manage the defense acquisition process.

Membership Requirements

To qualify for membership in the Acquisition Corps, AWF personnel must meet certain education, certification, position, grade, and experience criteria. Additionally, the Surface Warfare and Submarine Warfare military communities have a command screen requirement. Acquisition Corps Requirements

Application Process

An application and approval process has been established based on the category and position of the AWF member applying for membership.

  • Flag/General Officers, and SES: Email applications to the. DACM desk
  • Civilians and Marine Corps Military Officers assigned to acquisition positions apply online using eDACM
  • Navy Officers on Active Duty, except for Flag Officers: An administrative board sponsored by PERS-447 screens and selects Navy Officers who apply for membership in the Acquisition Corps or as Navy Acquisition Corps Eligible individuals. NPC Website
  • Civilians and Marine Corps Officers who are not currently in acquisition positions but have been tentatively selected for CAPs submit completed application addressing Acquisition Corps Requirements to approving official via the chain of command.

Please refer to the DAWIA Operating Guide, Chapter 9 for more details.

Approving Authorities

The following identifies the approval authority for membership to the Acquisition Corps:

  • Flag/General Officers and SES: The approval authority is the DACM.
  • Civilians other than SES: Approval is granted by designated final approving authority within the Command. Final approving authority must be an AWF member certified at Level III and at least one level above applicant’s first-level supervisor.
  • Marine Corps Officers: Approval is granted by the Commanding General or his/her agent at MARCORSYSCOM.
  • Navy Officers on Active Duty through O-6: Approval is granted by the Acquisition Corps Selection Board.
  • Supervisors and approving officials should ensure that applicant credentials support the Acquisition Corps eligibility criteria.