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Director, Acquisition Workforce Management

NAVY SE Competency Career Development Model
  • DON SE Competency Modeling Team established a Systems Engineering Competency Career Development Model (SECCDM) to address the void between SPRDE and how we teach our SME's to apply their technical knowledge in the acquisition domain.
  • The SECCDM will guide NAVY SE acquisition workforce with competencies and KSA's to help them be successful from entry level, journeyman level, and provide a pathway to expert level. Once an individual attains expert level, the SECCDM outlines competencies and KSA's to assist a SME continued growth and development for NAVY careers.
  • SPAWAR Atlantic is integrating the SECCDM into TWMS allowing SEs to build their IDPs with competencies identified in the model based on their career field level and experience.
  • Next steps will be feedback analysis, and implementation at SPAWAR Pacific.
  • As we move forward in FY14, we need our SECCDM to maintain focus on competencies and KSA's for BOTH the SE's and SME's. Develop a working group to Identify any current gaps in the DoD SE Competency Model and deployment method across NAVY SYSCOMs.
  • Our goal by the end of FY15, is to provide a framework for education and training identifying KSAs whereby our NAVY acquisition workforce can use our Competency Model to understand qualifications needed to become SE's and SME's.