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Director, Acquisition Workforce Management

Primary Career Field Certification
Primary Career Field Certification Requirement

The position requirements and certification level associated with the position encumbered by the workforce member determine the member’s “Primary Career Field” certification requirement.

  • Once an acquisition workforce member is certified, he or she remains certified even if the certification requirements change.

Primary Certification Timeframe

  • Individuals assigned to Key Leadership Positions (KLPs) must meet certification requirements when assigned.
  • Except for workforce members who are assigned to KLPs, the AT&L Workforce member must meet the certification requirements within 24 months of assignment.
  • Changes to certification standards do not start a new 24-month period.
  • Changes to a position’s certification requirement, (For example: a change to the position category or level, start a new 24-month period).

AT&L Workforce members in positions that require Level II or Level III certification do not have to meet the certification standards for lower levels. However, all course prerequisites must be met.

For Reserve Component Officers

In addition to the above, Reserve Component Officers:

  • Should meet the education and experience requirements of their AT&L positions prior to assignment.
  • May accrue credit towards certification experience only on individual Reserve assignments of 120 days or longer.
  • May accrue credit towards certification experience accrued in public/private sector positions when the duties and responsibilities match the career field (i.e., the Position Category Description) for which certification is being requested.