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Director, Acquisition Workforce Management


In accordance with USC 10, Chapter 87, Section 1732, Acquisition Workforce (AWF) members are required to meet education standards for Acquisition Corps Membership and for career field certification listed in the Certification and Core Development Guides and published annually in the DAU iCatalog.

Coursework completed to meet education requirements must be documented on a transcript from an accredited institution of higher education in order to validate degree completion and credit hours earned.

Meeting Education Requirements

  • Education requirements may be met by completing coursework or degree programs from an accredited institution of higher education.
  • Tuition assistance is available through the Acquisition Workforce Tuition Assistance Program (AWTAP) to assist DON AWF members in meeting the education standards for career field certification and to comply with statutory requirements. Located on the eDACM website, the DON AWTAP Policy outlines in detail the eligibility requirements, priority levels, procedure for requesting tuition assistance, and standards that must be met in order to receive and maintain approval to participate in AWTAP.
  • American Council on Education (ACE) recommended credits may be applied when documented on an official college or university transcript. ACE has reviewed and recommended credit for many of the DAU courses. ACE Credit recommendations can be found on the ACE Military Guide website.
  • Passing scores on Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) examinations for semester credit hours may also be applied.

When used in the context of DAWIA, “24/12” refers to an Acquisition Corps education requirement that consists of 24 semester credit hours in the person's primary career field (typically business or technical fields of study) and one of the following:

  • 12 semester credit hours in the business-related courses listed in 12.2.1 above. Credit hours within the person's primary career field may also satisfy all or part of this requirement
  • Training equivalent to 12 semester credit hours in business-related courses, which must be based on the credit hour and discipline recommendations published by the ACE
  • Through a combination of the above, education, and training equaling 12 credit hours


All credit hours, other than those approved by ACE, must be reflected on an official college or university transcript. For detailed information on crediting semester hours toward the 24/12 requirements refer to the DAU iCatalog and Select “Meeting Education Standards.”

Continuous Learning Requirement

The objective of the Acquisition Workforce (AWF) Continuous Learning Program is to ensure that AWF members remain current in their primary acquisition career field, cross-functional proficiencies, acquisition policy initiatives and leadership and management skills. A robust Continuous Learning Program promotes awareness, understanding and adaptability to change. Workforce members are enjoined to coordinate with managers and supervisors to create a professional career development plan that will keep them informed of key initiatives in a rapidly-changing environment. The Certification and Core Plus Development Guides, located on the main Training page of the DAU website, provides a framework for continuous learning coursework.

Position Requirement & Timeframe

AT&L Workforce members must participate in at least 80 hours of continuous learning activities biennially with a goal of participating in at least 40 hours annually. The start date of the first biennial period is the date the AT& L Workforce member enters a DON AT&L designated position. If the position is designated after the individual is assigned, the start date is the date the position is designated. Points in excess of 80 will not carry over to the next bi-annual period.

Assignment of Continuous Learning Points

  • CL points associated with DAU and DAU CL Courses are established by DAU and are automatically credited to the workforce member’s transcript upon course completion.
  • CL points that have been approved for Continuous Education Units (CEUs) should be awarded at a rate of ten (10) CL points for every (1) CEU. Continuous Learning Point Value Chart
  • CL points associated with DACM-sponsored CL events have been determined and are automatically credited to the workforce member’s DAWIA transcript upon course completion (including completion of survey, if required).
  • CL points associated with AWTAP funded courses have been determined and are automatically credited to the workforce member’s DAWIA transcript upon successful course completion and grade approval in accordance with AWTAP Policy.
  • Other activities for which AWF members may receive credit are outlined in Table 15-1 CL Point Value , along with the associated point value. CL points for these activities must be requested using the DON Continuous Learning site, which is accessible via eDACM , and should be recorded in whole points only; half points should be rounded up.
  • AWF members assigned to theaters of operation are considered to be on rotation assignments and may request up to 40 CL points upon their return.
  • Requests for CL points from AWF members occupying Level I and II positions require Supervisory review and approval.
  • Non-acquisition related or annual employee training requirements such as Information Assurance Awareness, Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH), Retirement Planning Seminars/Workshops, safety drills, etc., are not applicable to the AWF Continuous Learning Program.

eDACM & Continuous Learning

eDACM is used to Track CL points and achievement; Request CL points; and Request participation in DACM-sponsored/supported on-site CL events.
When recording points for other activities, round half points up and record whole points only.


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