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Director, Acquisition Workforce Management

Competency Framework and Career Roadmap for the Business-Financial Management (BUS-FM) Workforce - Overview


The BUS-FM Competency Framework and Career Roadmap is a tool that helps members of the Acquisition BUS-FM Community in identifying developmental paths which are applicable across all SYSCOMs. It includes training and education for each proficiency level so members of the community have a guide to assist them in developing their individual capabilities. This tool is designed to:

  • Provide a framework and attributes for consideration when developing career goals and aspirations
  • Provide employees with written guidance on the knowledge skills, and experience required to succeed
  • Provide employees and managers with the ability to create an Individual Development Plan
  • Offer the ability to articulate team staffing needs and the ability to identify gaps
  • Be used to assist with strategic and workforce planning efforts to understand future capability gaps


The Competency Framework and Career Roadmap provides a common reporting structure and developmental path to support the enduring BUS-FM workforce across all SYSCOMs/PEOs. Additionally, this tool:

  • Provides a comprehensive understanding of the breadth of capability of the organization’s BUS-FM workforce
  • Facilitates supervisory discussions for creating a tailored Individual Development Plan to help close developmental gaps between the expectations of the organization and the capabilities of the individual and determine annual training requirements
  • Provides a framework and attributes to consider when developing career goals and aspirations
  • Provides guidance on the types of knowledge, skills, and experiences required for an individual to mature their technical capabilities and advance their careers
  • Enables career mobility opportunities between programs or SYSCOMs because of standard competencies and experiences

Development of The BUS-FM Competency Framework and Career Roadmap:

The Competency Framework and Career Roadmap is defined by three major dimensions:

  • Technical Experience & Core BUS-FM Competencies

    Outlines the types of functional knowledge, skills, and abilities that an individual should exhibit for his or her job. It also captures the experiences, tasks, responsibilities and Enterprise Perspective  that an employee should perform as he or she increases capability within a competency.
  • Leadership Development & Business Acumen

    Outlines individual and organizational competencies that are important for the effective performance of employees, supervisors, managers, and executives. Also recommends leadership training and professional development that can maximize productivity, shape a positive culture, and promote harmony in the workplace.
  • Training, Certification & Education

    Recommends trainings and educational certifications and degrees that enhance an employee's overall personal and professional development.
  • Each dimension is divided into a series of Proficiency Levels:

    Customized Competency Frameworks and Career Roadmaps:

    Because different core competencies, career tracks, and required trainings comprise the Budget/Program Analyst and EVM positions, two different Competency Frameworks and Career Roadmaps were developed for each. The Competency Frameworks and Career Roadmaps are reviewed and updated on a three-year cycle. The updates are in alignment with the DON CHR, ASN(M&RA), and ASN(RD&A) DACM strategic guidance.

    Budget/Program Analyst Competency Framework and Career Roadmap

    EVM Competency Framework and Career Roadmap