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Director, Acquisition Workforce Management

Competency Framework and Career Roadmap for the Business-Financial Management Workforce

"I am very excited about the Bus-FM Competency Framework.  This is a critical enabler that provides the BUS-FM workforce with a common roadmap and career guide.  The Framework promotes continuous employee career development and provides customers with a highly trained, professional BUS-FM workforce with  broad and diverse understanding of the DOD Acquisition Environment – ultimately helping the Navy achieve its mission."
- Ms. BJ White-Olson, DASN(M&B)

The BUS-FM Competency Framework and Career Roadmap was created to identify the standard BUS-FM acquisition competencies, inclusive of training and education.  The Roadmap is highly relevant to all Navy SYSCOMs to support career growth within the BUS-FM Acquisition community.  The following sections will provide you with a general understanding of the development, use, and benefits of the BUS-FM Competency Framework and Career Roadmap. Additionally, you can access and download supporting tools and documents, as well as view links and other training resources that can be leveraged for Career Development purposes.

The Competency Frameworks and Career Roadmaps are reviewed and updated on a three-year cycle. The updates are in alignment with the DON CHR, ASN(M&RA), and ASN(RD&A) DACM strategic guidance.

Additional Information

Budget/Program Analyst Points of Contact:

SPAWAR(858) 537-8616
MARCORSYSCOM(571) 237-2852

Earned Value Management Points of Contact:

Navy CEVM(703) 695-0510
SPAWAR(619) 524-7149
MARCORSYSCOM(703) 432-5589