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Director, Acquisition Workforce Management

Bulletin Board Announcements
Director, Acquisition Workforce Management

Rotational Opportunity at Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division201812/11/201812/11/2018 - Rotational Opportunity at Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division
AWTAP Remains on Hold201810/31/201810/31/2018 - AWTAP Remains on Hold
DACM Corner Newsletter January-March 201820182/15/201802/15/2018 - DACM Corner Newsletter January-March 2018
Naval Sea Systems Command Rotational Opportunity20181/25/201801/25/2018 - Naval Sea Systems Command Rotational Opportunity
DPMAP On-Line Training201712/13/201712/13/2017 - DPMAP On-Line Training
DACM Corner Newsletter July-September 201720178/22/201708/22/2017 - DACM Corner Newsletter July-September 2017
Military Sealift Command Rotational Opportunity20175/18/201705/18/2017 - Military Sealift Command Rotational Opportunity
DACM Corner Newsletter April-June 201720175/8/201705/08/2017 - DACM Corner Newsletter April-June 2017
FLTCIP Retirement and Benefits Webinars20173/20/201703/20/2017 - FLTCIP Retirement and Benefits Webinars
DACM Corner Newsletter - January 201720172/8/201702/08/2017 - DACM Corner Newsletter - January 2017
NAVFAC Southwest Rotational Opportunity20172/2/201702/02/2017 - NAVFAC Southwest Rotational Opportunity
DTS DAU Travel Procedures20172/1/201702/01/2017 - DTS DAU Travel Procedures
Marijuana Factsheet20171/26/201701/26/2017 - Marijuana Factsheet
Prohibited Personnel Practices20171/20/201701/20/2017 - Prohibited Personnel Practices
Whistleblowing20171/20/201701/20/2017 - Whistleblowing
DACM Corner Newsletter July 20167/29/201607/29/2016 - DACM Corner Newsletter July
FY16 Year-End Reimbursable Funding20166/21/201606/21/2016 - FY16 Year-End Reimbursable Funding
Office of Naval Research San Diego Rotation Opportunity20162/16/201602/16/2016 - Office of Naval Research San Diego Rotation Opportunity
DACM Corner Newsletter January 201620161/16/201601/16/2016 - DACM Corner Newsletter January 2016