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Director, Acquisition Workforce Management

FY2011 Excellence Award Winners

Rear Admiral Wayne E. Meyer Award:
Rear Adm. William Shannon
Program Executive Officer
Unmanned Aviation and Strike Weapons

Rear Admiral Wayne E. Meyer Award:
Steve Caracciolo
Assistant Commander for Contracts
Marine Corps Systems Command  

Acquisition Professional of the Year:
Capt. Christian Becker
Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command 

Expeditionary Contracting Award:
Naval Supply Systems Command
Fleet Logistics Center Yokosuka, Singapore and Hong Kong Contracting Team

Major Acquisition Activity Award:
Marine Corps Systems Command
Common Aviation Command and Control System Program Office

Small Business Advocate Award:
Robert W. Hughes
Small Business Technical Advisor
Naval Supply Systems Command

Office of Small Business Programs, Director's Award:
Naval Sea Systems Command
Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division

Office of Small Business Programs, Secretary's Cup:
Naval Facilities Engineering Command

Department of the Navy Small Business Team Award:
Naval Sea Systems Command
Ocean Class Auxiliary General Oceanographic Research Team
Team members were Sara Delvin, Larry Driver, Caitlin Jarecki, Jessica Kirsch, Christopher MacDonald, Joseph Mackes, Jason Minett, Christina Zimmer, Karen Min, and Eun Park.

Expeditionary Contracting Team Award:
Naval Supply Systems Command
Fleet Logistics Center Yokosuka, Singapore, and Hong Kong Contracting Team
Team members were Clay Welker, Craig Hill, Philip Yip, Mark Smith, Wendy Wah, and Dickson Luk.

Competition Excellence Acquisition Teams of the Year:
Naval Sea System Command
DDG 51 Acquisition Team
Team members were Debbie Makle, Jackie Jones-Brame, Kathy Gidick, Neal White, Greg Pierson, Martha Rouse, Millie Lopez, Megan Moore, and Greg Smarrelli.

Naval Sea System Command 
MK54 Lightweight Torpedo Competitive Contract Evaluation Team
Team members were Roderic Bragg, James Kalinger, Darnell Eaton, Cara Conlin, Renee Brooks, Bradford Crosby, Gerald Richards, Conan Simoes, Hector Lopez, and Jeffery Hanson.

Innovation Excellence Team of the Year: 
Naval Air Systems Command
Harpoon Block II+ Program Integrated Product Team
Team members were Abigail Stokes, Dave Rivera, Cliff Pierce, Stephen Lucianetti, Mick Haskins, Justin Gallagher, Gabrielle Forte, Iris Brambila, Mike Battaglia and Chuck Adams.

Technology Transition Award: 
Naval Air Systems Command
Cargo Resupply Unmanned Aerial System Integrated Product Team.
Team members were Eric Pratson, Lori Frame, Diana Harritt, Glen Heisler, Andrea VanLanen, Greg Makrakis, and James S. Meade.

Technology Transition Award: 
Naval Sea System Command/ Office of Naval Research/ Naval Research Laboratory Multifunctional Electronic Warfare Team.
Team members were Betsy B. DeLong, Keith Krapels, Capt. Douglas Small, Capt. Ted Zobel, Ted Kimg, Harold Ellis, Valerie Deeds, Gregory C. Tavik, Janine Knott, James Bell, James Irvins, Richard Perlut, and Richard White.

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