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Director, Acquisition Workforce Management

Award Categories and Eligibility

Individuals and teams nominated for the DON Acquisition Excellence Awards Program should have made significantly greater contributions than normally would be expected in their particular assignments and which result in identifiable improvements over normal outcomes. Nominations must specifically address the criteria outlined in SECNAV INST 5305.5, reflecting accurately the accomplishments of the nominee(s). Accomplishments can include, for example, improving commercial off-the-shelf reliability, increased use of open architecture, process improvements, inventive approaches to managing trade-offs between contract type versus risk/stability, as well as increased utilization of businesses that qualify for Small Business Administration's (SBA) support. Quantifiable information such as dollars saved, costs avoided, or increased competition rates should be included whenever possible.

    (1) DON military and civilian personnel of all ranks, rates and grades are eligible for these awards, except where noted.

    (2) Individuals working together as a team may also be nominated.  However, a team nomination is for Government personnel only and shall not comprise an entire office or contracting activity (except for the Major Acquisition Activity Award and the Secretary’s Cup Award) and shall be limited to no more than 10 people unless specifically justified in the head of contracting activity (HCA) endorsement. 


Monetary Awards will be awarded to each team in the amount of $5,000, which shall be equitably divided among the winning team members.

Competition Excellence Team – This award recognizes the Government employed members of an acquisition team whose outstanding achievement, through enhanced competition among large or small businesses, resulted in a better product or service being delivered, supported, and employed to and by the customer. 

Innovation Excellence Team – This award recognizes an acquisition team whose outstanding achievement brings added efficiency to the organization and increased effectiveness to the customer, or those activities or commands that have strengthened the capabilities of the Naval industrial base and employ strategies that promote domestic availability of components critical to the Department of the Navy and the customer. 

Small Business Team – This award is presented to a DON activity small business professional and their acquisition team for documented outstanding contributions to their command and the DON Small Business Programs.


Expeditionary Contracting – This award recognizes DON active or reserve military individual or civilian warranted contracting officers and acquisition support personnel deployed in direct support of Naval or Joint contingency or expeditionary operations.

Acquisition Professional – This award recognizes a civilian or military individual, below the SES or flag or general officer rank, whose outstanding leadership and achievement in acquisition best demonstrates the highest levels of professionalism in the acquisition field and provides improved effectiveness to the DON.

Dr. Al Somoroff Acquisition Award  (Formerly  Major Acquisition Activity Award )  – This award recognizes a program office for outstanding acquisition achievement in the accomplishment of its mission.  All program offices (any acquisition category level) and program management teams are eligible.  Specific command examples in support of acquisition, superior accomplishments and command acquisition trends will be used to select the award recipient.

Field Acquisition Activity – This award recognizes a field level command for outstanding acquisition achievements that bring supplies and services to the customer.  All DON Echelon III and below activities are eligible.  Specific activity examples in support of acquisition, superior accomplishments, and activity acquisition trends will be used to select the award recipient.

Technology Transition – This award recognizes the individual or team for outstanding achievement as a result of successfully transitioning a technology into a program of record or into operational use.  The team can include Government members from the program office and/or research and development facility.

Office of Small Business Programs  Oreta B. Stinson Advocacy Award (Formerly  Small Business Advocate Award ) – This award is presented to a non-small business professional within the DON that demonstrated direct strong support for the DON Small Business Program, and through their documented actions contributed significantly to improving the opportunity for small business success.

Office of Small Business Programs  Sarkis Tatigian Small Business Award  ( Formerly OSBP Director’s Award) – This award recognizes outstanding performance by a field activity in creating an organizational climate resulting in the advancement of small business opportunity through exceptionally managed small business programs and challenging initiatives, as well as made significant contributions to the command and the DON Small Business Program.

Secretary’s Cup Award – This award is presented to an HCA Command whose performance, innovation, initiative and significant achievements in creating an organizational climate resulted in the advancement of small business opportunity and/or attainment of small business targets.

RADM Wayne E Meyer Memorial Award – This award recognizes a DON military or civilian individual who exemplifies the highest examples of acquisition excellence and whose achievement brings significant credit to the DON acquisition community.  This award is made when merited, not necessarily annually.  No nominations packages are required for this award.

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