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Follow the steps below to access the continuous learning event evaluation form

1) Login to the eDACM website by first navigating to the following URL:

2) Click ‘I Agree’ on the DOD Privacy and Security Notice Screen To Continue.

3) Click ‘Log In With CAC’, select your non-email certificate, and then click ‘OK’.

4) Once your ‘Dashboard’ screen appears, locate the ‘Manage Career’ menu heading and hover over it to reveal the ‘Manage Career’ menu; click ‘DON Continuous Learning’ and you will be redirected to the Register-Now Site.

5) Click the ‘I Agree’ button on the DOD Privacy and Security Notice Screen to Continue.

6) Select the appropriate category in the drop-down menu directly below the ‘Please Sign in Below’ notification.

7) Click on the appropriate radio button under ‘Sign In Options’ to log in with your CAC or by using your SSN and Date Of Birth; Click the ‘Sign In!’ button to complete the log in process.

8) Click on ‘Event Evaluations’ in the upper left corner of the page under ‘Student Menu’.

9) You should see 'Pending Evaluations' for the event(s) you attended.

10) Click the Course Name to access the event evaluation form.

11) Fill out the evaluation form and click 'Submit'.


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