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To view the DAWIA certification requirements for a specific career field and level, follow the steps below:

1) Access the DAU homepage at this URL:

2) Click ‘iCatalog’ in the row of buttons along the top of the screen.

3) When the ‘iCatalog’ screen appears, locate and click the ‘diploma’ image above the caption ‘Certification & Core Development Guides’, towards the lower left corner of the screen.

4) When the ‘Certification & Core Plus Development Guides’ screen appears, you’ll see icons for each career field with the numeric certification levels listed to the right of each icon. Click the numeric certification level beside the career field icon to view the certification requirements.

5) When the development guide opens for the career field and level selected, view the section in red to see the Core Certification Standards required for certification. This will include all required DAU training, experience in the career field, as well as any educational requirements.


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