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​DAU Course Fulfillment Program


1. DON DAWIA Operating Guide, Chapter 14.10, Fulfilling a DAU Course

2. DAU Fulfillment Program

Step 1

Locate DAU Course Fulfillment Guide(s)

In order to fulfill a DAU course, you must meet a preponderance of the competencies identified in the course fulfillment guide. To locate the course fulfillment guide for the desired course, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the
  • Scroll down the page to find the ‘Student Course Materials’ and click on the button.
  • Locate and Click on the Course Number of the Course you wish to fulfill.
  • The course black board will display, with a button titled ‘Fulfillment Guide’ located on the left hand side.
  • Click on the link titled ‘Fulfillment Guide’ to access the fulfillment Guide.

Step 2

Complete the Course Fulfillment Guide

Complete the Fulfillment Guide and address the competencies identified therein, and obtain the required approvals in accordance with Chapter 14 of the DON DAWIA Operating Guide.

Step 3

Submit Request to the eDACM Support Team

Provide your complete fulfillment package to your Training POC and/or DAWIA Program Director (DPD). The Training POC and/or DPD shall email the eDACM Support Team at , and provide the following information:


  • Individual’s First and Last Name; Command/Organization
  • DD Form 2518 signed by the appropriate approval authority, in accordance with the DON DAWIA Operating Guide.
  • Completed Fulfillment Guide with justification of how competencies where achieved.

You will receive an email from the eDACM Support Team indicating that the fulfillment request has been processed. Individuals can expect to see their course fulfillment displayed on their DAWIA Transcript within 3 business days after it has been entered into ATRRS.


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