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Follow the steps below if you are having CAC login issues.

1) You will have to ensure you new certificate has been "published"

a. Open your Internet Explorer Browser

b. With your mouse locate and click on 'tools'; then select ‘Internet Options’

The internet options box will display

c. Click on the 'Content' tab; click on 'Certificates';

Note: Ensure your new certificate is displayed under the 'Personal' tab; if it isn't, you will need to import your new certificate.

2) Clear your Internet Cache

a. Open your Internet Explorer Browser;

b. Go to 'tools'

c. Select 'Internet Options'

d. Click on 'Delete' under Browsing History

If you require assistance with this, please contact your local system administrator or technical POC (i.e. NMCI).

3) Next, ensure that your CAC has the same email address that is indicated in your eDACM Profile; then ensure that your new certificates have been published to the GAL. For instructions, see the following link:

If none of the above allows you to successfully access eDACM, please contact your IT Support Personnel for further assistance.


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