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NMT Navy Advanced Extremely High Frequency Multi-band Terminal
  • Description:

    The NMT is the next generation protected SATCOM system currently under development.

  • Mission:

    NMT will provide deployed Naval Commanders with secure, protected, command, control and communications capabilities and will support the exchange of tactical data, imagery, real-time video, battlefield maps and targeting information.

    The NMT will provide physical and electromagnetic survivability, resistance to jamming and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), and Low Probability of Intercept (LPI)/Low Probability of Detection (LPD) capabilities against current and projected threats. NMT is an advanced software architecture that will allow the U.S. Navy to substantially increase bandwidth and data throughput of its satellite communications systems, and serve as a bridge to the next generation capabilities.

  • Background:

    The NMT is the fourth iteration Navy EHF terminal being designed to communicate with the AEHF satellites, as well as existing EHF on-orbit capable satellites. The NMT will provide an approximate fourfold increase in data rate capacity than currently fielded systems. In addition, the NMT will include wideband variants to allow the terminal to communicate with other military satellites such as Defense Satellite Communications System (DSCS) and the Wideband Global Satellite (WGS). It is anticipated that the NMT, with minor modifications, will also be able to communicate with the future Transformational Satellites (TSAT), in support of Transformational Communications (TC).

  • Features:

    NMT will feature data rates that range between 75 bps to 8 Mbps for voice, data or video. It will provide protected wideband communications for ships in the Q, Ka and X bands simultaneously with dual antennas, while submarines can utilize Q and X bands simultaneously, and shore commands will utilize the Q band only. The NMT will also receive Global Broadcast Service (GBS) on ship and submarine antennas.

  • Service:


  • Point of Contact:

    Public Affairs Office
    Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command
    4301 Pacific Highway
    San Diego, CA92110-3127
    Attn: PEO C4I/PMW/A 170
    (619) 524-3432

  • General Characteristics:

    Primary Function: Provide Multiband protected and secure communications to U.S. Navy ships, submarines and shore platforms.
    Nomenclature: TBD.
    Contractor: Harris and Raytheon are developing prototypes.
    Contract Award: Expect downselect in June 07.
    Projected Milestones: MS - 2QFY10, IOC - 4QFY12, FOC - 2QFY15.
    Fielding: 324 terminals between FY11-FY15.