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GCCS-M Global Command and Control System – Maritime
  • Description:

    GCCS-M is the Maritime implementation of the Global Command and Control System (GCCS) Family of Systems (FoS).

  • Features:

    The system provides Maritime Commanders at all echelons of command with a single, integrated, scalable Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) system that fuses, correlates, filters, maintains and displays location and attribute information on friendly, hostile and neutral land, sea and air forces. It integrates this data with available intelligence and environmental information in support of command decision-making. The system operates in near real-time and constantly updates unit positions and other situational awareness data. GCCS-M also records data in appropriate databases and maintains a history of changes to those records. The user can use the data to construct relevant tactical pictures using maps, charts, topography overlays, oceanographic overlays, meteorological overlays, imagery data and all-source intelligence information coordinated into a Common Operational Picture (COP) that can be shared locally and with other sites. Navy Commanders can review and evaluate the general tactical situation, plan actions and operations, direct forces, synchronize tactical movements and integrate force maneuver with firepower. The system operates in a variety of environments and supports joint, coalition and allied forces.

  • Background:

    The Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks and Information Integration (OASD (NII)) formed a "family" of command and control (C2) systems, the goals being to increase general oversight, reduce overlap, and improve the relative systems from the Joint perspective, especially in the area of interoperability. GCCS-M is the Maritime component of the GCCS FoS and is designated as a Mission Critical, Acquisition Category (ACAT) IAC - Major Automated Information System (MAIS), National Security System (NSS). The Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Research, Development and Acquisition (ASN (RD&A)) is the Milestone Decision Authority. The Command and Control Program Office (Program Manager, Warfare (PMW) 150) functions as the acquisition program manager under Program Executive Officer, C4I (PEO (C4I)).

    The program exists as an evolutionary acquisition program that facilitates rapid insertion of new functionality, technology and Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products. A major feature of the GCCS-M evolutionary acquisition process is that the system is continuously and simultaneously operating in three phases: new capability development phase, integration and testing phase and fielding/life cycle support phase.

  • Service:


  • Point of Contacts:

    Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command
    Public Affairs Officer
    4301 Pacific Highway
    San Diego, CA 92110-3127
    (619) 524-3432

  • General Characteristics:

    IOC: FY98
    FOC: Ongoing - Evolutionary Acquisition Program
    Increm ent 4.0 FRP: 08 Jul 05
    Increment 4.1 MS C: ECD Jul 07
    Current Installations:
    - Force Level Ships: 28
    - Unit Level Ships: 233
    - Shore Operational and Technical Training Systems: 59