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Cobra Judy Replacement (T-AGM R) Missile Range Instrumentation Ship
  • Description:

    CJR leverages existing Navy and Missile Defense Agency radar technology to acquire this essential National capability while investing and demonstrating solid-state phased array radar technology and expanding the national industrial technology base for the Navy's future cruiser, CG(X). CJR will provide the nation with a fully capable, flexible, and adaptable system that will handle future data collection on ballistic missile threats.

  • Features:

    The Cobra Judy Replacement (CJR) Program is responsible for the design, development, acquisition, production, and integration of a single ship and associated equipment for worldwide radar data collection against ballistic missiles in flight.

  • Background:

    Cobra Judy’s primary mission is treaty monitoring and verification for ballistic missile issues. This Cobra Judy Replacement Program will provide a replacement to the current COBRA JUDY / USNSOBSERVATIONISLAND, which is becoming unsustainable and is due to leave service in 2012. Navy will transfer the vessel to the Air Force for operation and maintenance at IOC.

    The Navy awarded the Mission Radar contract to Raytheon December 2003. Raytheon is providing the X-band radar and common back-end equipment. Northrop Grumman is providing the S-band radar as a Navy directed subcontractor. Navy awarded the Ship design and construction contract to VT Halter Marine, Pascagoula, MS. on September 2006. Ship delivery is June 2010.

  • Service:


  • Point of Contacts:

    Naval Sea Systems Command

  • General Characteristics:

    Primary Function: Ballistic Missile data collection for treaty monitoring & verification
    Contractors: Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, VT Halter
    Date Deployed: N/A
    Propulsion: Twin diesel engines
    Length: 163 meters
    Beam: 27 meters
    Displacement: 12,000 tons
    Speed: 20 Kts.
    Range: 12,000 nautical miles
    Crew: 88