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Cooperative Engagement Capability
  • Description:

    Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) is designed to enhance the Anti-Air Warfare (AAW) war fighting capability of ships and aircraft by the netting of battle force sensors to provide a single, distributed AAW defense capability. As a key pillar of the Naval Integrated Fire Control-Counter Air (NIFC-CA) capability, CEC enables Integrated Fire Control to counter increasingly capable and less detectable cruise missiles and manned aircraft, and in the future, tactical ballistic missiles in a joint environment.

  • Features:

    CEC is a system of hardware and software that allows the sharing of radar data on air targets among ships and aircraft. Radar data from individual ships and aircraft of a Strike Group are transmitted to other units in the group via a line-of-sight, Data Distribution System (DDS). Each platform uses identical data processing algorithms resident in its Cooperative Engagement Processor (CEP), resulting in each having the same display of track information on aircraft and missiles. An individual ship can launch an anti-air missile at a threat aircraft or anti-ship cruise missile within its engagement envelope, based on data relayed to it by another ship.

  • Background:

    The capability provided by CEC brings significant benefits in all air defense areas, including: track accuracy, continuity, and ID consistency; reduced reaction time and extended engagement ranges. CEC serves as a major enabler of a single integrated air picture and provides the fleet with the defensive flexibility required to confront the evolving threat of anti-ship cruise and theater ballistic missiles. By fusing the sensor data of each ship and aircraft into a single, real-time composite track picture, CEC significantly improves battle force anti-air warfare and theater air defense capabilities.

  • Service:

    Navy-ACAT – 1D

  • Point of Contacts:

    Program Executive Office for Integrated Warfare Systems (PEO IWS)
    Command and Control Directorate, PEO IWS6.0
    1333 Isaac Hull Avenue, S. E.
    Washington, D. C. 20376-4401

  • General Characteristics:

    Primary Function: Sensor Netting
    Contractor: Raytheon Company Network Centric Systems, St Petersburg FL
    Initial Operational Capability: September 1996
    Full Operational Capability: May 2005
    Current No. of Deployed Systems: 75