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Contract Closeout


In April 1998, DRID #53 identified contract closeout as having one of the greatest potential to be re-engineered and transitioned to a paperless environment. Contract closeout thus became part of the overall Department of Defense Paperless Acquisition effort. Soon thereafter, the Department of Defense WIPT was created to re-engineer the contract closeout critical process, to look toward an integrated data environment, and to reduce the closeout cycle time. The group was represented by members from the DoD, DLA, DCAA, DISA, and DFAS.

The Navy's Contract Closeout initiative is the Department of the Navy's effort in closing all physically completed contracts in MOCAS. The closeout strategy focuses on reducing the oldest contracts first and minimizing the contracts that will be converted to the system that is replacing MOCAS in the near future. It is by closing these physically completed contracts that the Navy hopes to realize significant savings by timely reassignment of canceling funds (de-obligation), to decrease time in labor and closed files storage, to reduce corporate direct/indirect expenses, and to prepare MOCAS for retirement.

Current Scope

In an attempt to facilitate SYSCOM close out contracts, DASN ALM is downloading contract status from DCMA in the following categories: Active, Physically Complete, Overaged and Closed.

DASN ALM posts the DCMA reports onto Team Sites at . (See PEO EIS Portal on main eBusiness page to gain access.) These Team Sites have hyperlinks on the right side of the page at the listed URL. Please contact Ray Burke (703-614-9637) or Gail Sullivan (703-614-9636), if you have any questions.

Additional Contract Closeout Resources

Contract Closeout Reports
Monthly Contract Close Out reports are posted on the right side of the linked page.