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Independent Expert Program Reviews (IEPR)


ASN RDA initiated the Independent Expert Program Review process based on proven structured process originally established in DOD. The IEPR has two primary objectives.

  • Provide assistance directly to Navy programs to identify and provide recommendations on issues that impact program performance and potentially jeopardize program success.
  • Identify recurring systemic issues that impact performance across the ASN/RDA program base to support Navy wide acquisition portfolio improvements.


A generalized IEPR briefing explains the IEPR objective, guidelines, and structure. The IEPR results are reported out to only the PM for his use using the IEPR topology along with recommendations for correction of issues.


Once the PM forwards the request form to ASN/RDA a program specific IEPR assessment plan and associated cost are prepared and forwarded for the PMs concurrence. Once the Plan has been agreed to by the PM and the required funding provided the IEPR is initiated. All IEPR team members are required to sign a non-disclosure form and all discussions with organizations are on a non-attribution basis.


Once the IEPR is completed the report is delivered/briefed out to the PM and all further distribution is at the PM prerogative. At the conclusion the PM is requested to fill out a survey to provide feedback to ASN/RDA so that the process can be continuously refined and insure that it benefits programs to the maximum possible.

A systemic analysis is maintained based on the results of all program that utilize the IEPR process to determine which areas/categories programs are most frequently having difficulties. These reports do not indicate which programs are having difficulty but rather present the data in the aggregate across the total RDA portfolio.

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triserviceassessmentinitiativeforprogramassistance.pdftriserviceassessmentinitiativeforprogramassistanceASN RDA Initiation Memo
genericassessmentplan.docgenericassessmentplanGeneric Assessment Plan
ieprentrybrief.pptieprentrybriefIEPR Briefing
ieprrequestform.docieprrequestformIEPR Request Form
nondisclosureagreement.docnondisclosureagreementNon-disclosure Form
ieprevalform.docieprevalformPost IEPR Survey
issuetypology.docissuetypologyTopology of Issues