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One Source
Please note that the PACT Tool spreadsheets may produce error notifications, which we are working to address.  
In the meantime, we encourage you to verify the calculations separately to ensure you’ve reached an accurate result.

What is PACT?
The Price Adjustment Calculation Tool (PACT) is an automated method of accurately calculating SCA price adjustments that is specifically designed to streamline the price adjustment process and timeline. It consists of a format for contractors to submit their price adjustment proposals (the CSF) and a Government component that calculates and helps contract specialist to analyze the proposals for accuracy, allowability and consistency. 

PACT Concept

PACT is an award-winning streamline program developed by the Navy and implemented on WDOL through the Integrated Acquisition Environment; an e-business initiative under the Office of Management and Budget. Naval Research Laboratories has filed a patent application (publication number : 2010-0179898) and all rights are delegated to the Secretary of the Navy.

Download frequently asked questions about PACT.

PACT Training​​


PACT Point of Contact
For all questions concerning PACT material, please contact the DASN(AP) Labor Advisor at (703) 693-2939.



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