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About CEVM
  • CEVM Announcement (04/09/2007)
    This memo announces the creation of the Center of Excellence for Earned Value Management (CEVM). The establishment of the Center reinvigorates the Department of the Navy's leadership role in implementing EVM policy and principles in the acquisition community.
  • CEVM Charter
    Written by the DON EVM IPT, the charter outlines the CEVM purpose including the development and implementation of clear EVM policy guidance and consistent policy enforcement across the DON. CEVM also provides adequate oversight and support structure for program offices, and increase education and training opportunities for those individuals with EVM responsibilities.
  • FAQs 

CEVM Org Chart

Click here to view the organization Chart for the Center of Excellence for Earned Value Management (CEVM).

EVM Glossary

Please click to access the EVM Glossary.

Contact Us

Director, The Center for Earned Value Management
Phone: 703-695-0510