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Item Unique IDentification (IUID)

This site was developed to raise awareness and promote adoption of Item Unique Identification (IUID) across the Department of the Navy (DON). Since IUID crosses all domains that handle physical items, implementing IUID can be a challenge. Organizations will gain a general understanding of the development of IUID, IUID policy and guidance within the DON, as well as research tools or topics to develop and execute an effective IUID program.

IUID is a system of globally and unambiguously distinguishing one item from all other items that the DoD buys or owns. This allows the DoD to track identically made items individually throughout their life cycles. Using IUID, DoD can consistently capture the value of all individual items it buys, trace these items during their use, combat counterfeiting of parts, and associate valuable business intelligence to an item throughout its life cycle.

IUID marked items ready for storage
IUID marked items ready for storage