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IUID Requirements

When is IUID Required?

IUID is required for all delivered items for which the Government's unit acquisition cost is $5,000 or more, and for other items designated by the Government. IUID marking requirements apply to both new items delivered from vendors and items already owned by the government (legacy).

Key IUID requirements for both Contractors and DoD are found in:

  • DFARS 211.274 - Item Unique Identification And Valuation Requirements
  • DFARS 252.211-7003 - Item Unique Identification And Valuation
  • DODI 8320.04 – Item Unique Identification (IUID) Standards for Tangible Personal Property
  • SECNAVINST 4440.34 - Implementation of Item Unique Identification within the Department of the Navy
  • MIL-STD 130 - Department of Defense Standard Practice Identification Marking of U.S. Military Property

To identify and track applicable major end items and configuration-controlled items, Program Managers (PMs) and Product Support Managers (PSMs) should budget, plan and implement IUID-enabled Serial Item Management as an integral activity within the program as stated in MIL-STD-130. Requirements for marking items and registering UIIs in the DOD IUID Registry must be included in budget submissions annually.

Note: In order to access the IUID Registry, users must establish an account here.

IUID marked item ready for tracking and storage
IUID marked item ready for tracking
and storage