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IUID Organizational Roles & Responsibilities

To support IUID, all levels of the DON must actively pursue appropriate courses of action to improve Naval Logistics integrating Navy and Marine Corps logistics capabilities and capacities using processes, technologies and people.

Scanning IUID marked items to update the AIS

Central point of coordination for DON, OSD and Joint IUID oversight, management and policy.

Ensures compliance, programs resources, monitors performance at SYSCOMs and below, promotes sharing, reports DFARS and IUID registry submissions, tracks metrics, collaborates across DoD.

Ensures compliance with policies and implementation plans, identifies IUID Champion, prescribes standards for UII, marking and packaging.
Prepares, submits, updates all IUID plans, report progress via IUID Champion, perform budget planning related to IUID policy.

Monitors IUID compliance and implementation progress, collect, track and report implementation metrics to ASN RD&A.