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DON IUID Implementation

IUID facilitates information sharing between users at all levels within a net-centric environment. IUID establishes a unique identity for materiel (including components) that require unique item traceability or handling. IUID supports DON modernization by improving a wide range of business processes including property accountability, property valuation, serialized item management (SIM), configuration management, and product life cycle management.

There are 4 steps to fully implement IUID that are often worked in parallel. It is important to note that the IUID process requires all 4 of the steps:

  1. Mark Items: The process of physically labeling, assigning a UII and registering the UII to qualifying personal property items.
  2. Scan the Mark: In employing the mark, users scan the 2-dimensional data matrices as part of normal business. The Automated Information Technology (AIT) allows data the IUID within the matrix to be transferred into an automated information system.
  3. Update the Automated Information System (AIS): AISs must be updated to be able to store and/or forward the IUID information along with other relevant information about the item.
  4. Business Processes Reengineering (BPR) to use the data: Programs engage in BPR to determine how to make use of the data availability, item traceability and inventory management.
  5. Scanning IUID marked items to update the AIS
    Scanning IUID marked items to update the AIS