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DON IUID Implementation Plans

Successful IUID implementation begins with marking and registering items in the DOD IUID Registry and requires robust IUID implementation plans. DoDI 8320.04 requires Program Managers to develop an IUID implementation plan during the acquisition of new equipment, and during planning for major modifications and procurements of equipment and spares. IUID implementation plans include an item marking plan that identifies the look and location of the IUID mark. All IUID plans will be reviewed annually and updated as needed to include policy and program changes.

SYSCOMs may have different approaches to complete the IUID implementation plan approval process. SYSCOM IUID Champions should be engaged to ensure proper plan approval. IUID plans facilitate DoD review and approval of the IUID marking processes. An IUID Implementation Planning Guide is provided at the following link:

In addition to the "DOD Guide to Uniquely Identifying Items", the DoD Procurement Toolbox provides a comprehensive collection of IUID guidance, tools and background in the IUID Overview section.

Applying IUID marking according <br/>to the marking plans
Applying IUID marking according
to the marking plans