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siwziepaper.pdf2.8Collaborative Achievement of Advanced Acquisition Environments
Handbooks, Guides & Reports
This paper describes the methodology being pursued by Department of Defense Acquisition Council and The Technical Cooperation Program (TTCP) to achieve advanced acquisition environments. Shared concepts have been identified by review of acquisition initiatives/strategies such as Simulation Based Acquisition (SBA); system of systems (SoS) development and testing; mission area management; and Integrated Digital Environments. From this concept set, a complete work breakdown structure (WBS) is being defined to support the realization of the required enablers. These enablers will allow programs to incrementally implement such acquisition environments.
updateddodgppstrategynov2008.pdf2.8Department of Defense Green Procurement Strategy (updated November 2008)
Handbooks, Guides & Reports
This document formally established the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Green Procurement Program (GPP) in Fiscal Year (FY) 2004 and provides an agency-wide strategy for implementing an effective program. The purpose of the DoD GPP is to enhance and sustain mission readiness through cost effective acquisition that achieves compliance and reduces resource consumption and solid and hazardous waste generation. Green procurement includes the acquisition of:
recycled content products,
environmentally preferable products and services,
biobased products, energy- and water-efficient products,
alternate fuel vehicles and alternative fuels,
products using renewable energy, and
alternatives to hazardous or toxic chemicals.
Green procurement practices also play a key role in enhancing transportation efficiency and sustainable buildings. The GPP applies to all acquisitions from major systems programs to individual unit supply and service requisitions.
perfbasedguide.pdf2.8A Program Manager's Guide to Buying Performance
Handbooks, Guides & Reports
This guide presents a performance-based logistics (PBL) strategy for product support of weapon systems. The guide is a tool for program managers as they design product support strategies for new programs or major modifications, or as they reengineer product support strategies for legacy weapon systems.
finmgmntlfin.pdf2.8Best Bang for the Buck: The Cost of Technical Processes
Handbooks, Guides & Reports
The intent of this guide is to provide program managers and their staff with suggested trade-offs of specific and alternative technical processes and their respective comparative cost without compromising contract performance requirements.
This guide also provides a "quick look" reference to the program budgeting cycle, appropriations, financial contract considerations and resources for estimating cost.
donapg022707.doc2.8The Department of the Navy Acquisition Plan Guide (APG) March 2007 Edition
Handbooks, Guides & Reports

This Acquisition Plan Guide (APG) provides acquisition planning guidance and procedures for the Program Manager (PM) and other personnel assigned to participate in the acquisition planning process and the development of the Acquisition Plan (AP). The information contained in this APG is derived from the acquisition regulations, directives, and practical experience. This APG supersedes the April 1992 APG.

This edition of the APG is issued to assist requirements activities and contracting officers in preparing Acquisition Plans (APs). Use of the APG will provide reasonable assurance that APs address the appropriate issues of DoDD 5000.1, DoDI 5000.2, SECNAVINST 5000.2C, the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), the Defense FAR Supplement (DFARS), and the Navy Marine Corps Acquisition Regulation Supplement (NMCARS). Its use is discretionary, but is encouraged.

Reference Policy Memo: March 2007 Edition of The Department of he Navy Acquisition Plan Guide (APG), (M.F. Jaggard; March 06, 2007)

clsurve.pdf2.8Acquisition Reform Implementation: An Industry Study for DOD Service Executives
Handbooks, Guides & Reports
The primary purpose of this study is to provide an assessment of how well DoD is doing in implementing, at the contract level, those reform measures originated either through reform legislation or policy changes and aimed at compressing cycle times, reducing program costs and more effectively leveraging commercially available technologies and practices. Secondarily, this study provides the Service Acquisition Executives with a unique opportunity to utilize a third party to foster and expand the awareness of members of industry to specific components of DoD’s acquisition reform program and to obtain important feedback from industry on where they feel future emphasis should be placed in effecting further changes in the DoD acquisition system.
change.pdf2.8Change through Ex-Change Conference Report
Handbooks, Guides & Reports
DoN programs were asked to submit two ideas, approaches, or process innovations that could be of assistance to other Navy -- Marine Corps programs. This document is a compilation of these innovative ideas, which are diverse in content and come from across the systems Commands.
caiv.pdf2.8CAIV Working Group Report
Handbooks, Guides & Reports
bitbookfinal.doc2.8Built-In-Test: Design and Optimization Guidelines (October 2001)
Handbooks, Guides & Reports
The purpose of this technical brief is to identify best practices in the areas of management, design and test that will assist in improving the reliability of fielded Built-In-Test (BIT) capabilities.
The benefits of BIT include reduced requirements for external test equipment, fewer interfaces between the system and the external world, less damage from invasive inputs, reduced skill level of maintenance personnel required, rapid troubleshooting, reduced downtime, more accurate testing, improved status-monitoring and readiness and reduced life-cycle cost. However, if the BIT is not properly designed, these benefits can be negated by high false alarm rates, which lead to unnecessary maintenance actions.
asisreport011.pdf2.8Software Acquisition Management - "As-Is Report" - (May 17 2007)
Handbooks, Guides & Reports
asdgjan2001.pdf2.8Acquisition Strategy Decision Guide --DON
Handbooks, Guides & Reports
This guide has been written to assist Program Managers and their teams to select and define acquisition strategies. It is also intended to be useful in periodically reviewing and revising acquisition strategies when conditions dictate. The guide has been built around several important key concepts and it walks the user(s) through several straightforward step-by-step processes.
archange.pdf2.8Acquisition Reform Change Elements
Handbooks, Guides & Reports
Lists acquisition reform change elements and appropriate references
acqprgsctgd.pdf2.8Acquisition Program Structure Guide
Handbooks, Guides & Reports
aaeapproach.doc2.8Advanced Acquisition Environments
Handbooks, Guides & Reports
This paper describes the Advanced Acquisition Environment Concepts and the Navy's approach to AAE realization.
011902caiv.pdf2.8CAIV and Spiral Development Implementation Plans
Handbooks, Guides & Reports