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A + Awards Program


A+ Awards Program

Recognizing Superior Achievement

A+ Awards

The purpose of this program is to act as an overall authorizing framework for a continuous, highly-visible, credible, and sought-after signal of recognition throughout the DON for those who best exhibit the principles of agility and accountability throughout the lifecycle of management.
Assistant Secretaries of the Navy and Staff Assistants to the Secretary are empowered to nominate leaders for any award category, at any time throughout the year. All current award programs previously created by the ASNs now fall under this program and will continue as originally planned. The additional requirements of this instruction include notification to the Under Secretary and Secretary of the Navy, an “A+” lapel pin to be presented by the Secretary or Under Secretary, and official recognition by means of an ALNAV message and media notification through CHINFO.

These awards are encouraged whenever a member of the DON positively demonstrates one of or more of the following elements of agility in their management of resources such as money, property, people, or information: velocity, collaboration, visibility, adaptability, innovation, humility, skepticism, and trust. Examples of reasons to nominate a person for the “A+ Award” may include, but are not limited to, the following:

ASN (RD&A): Rapid prototyping or acquisition of a key warfighting component; Innovative management that results in a new vendor supplying needed consumable parts that are mission critical; adaptable leadership in environmental compliance that is recognized by a local community.

ASN (M&RA): Speedy (velocity) and accurate achievement of a critical milestone in the Sailor or Marine 2025 Transformation Plan; Questioning (skepticism) of a key recruiting shortfall that results in a new policy or procedure; Self-reporting of an ongoing issue (humility) in personnel supply chain management that results in a faster, more robust throughput in training capacity.

ASN (FM&C): Making visible a key finding in an ongoing audit for the benefit of the rest of the DON team; Creating a budgetary procedure that results in greater collaboration in making strategy drive the POM process; Management advances in the area of real property assets that builds greater trust between the Navy and Marine Corps team.

Future ASN (IM): Building an artificial intelligence and machine learning strategy for the DON that collaborates with private industry; innovative data hygiene procedures and training for the entire workforce that provides more local ownership of information management solutions; information security practices that are discovered and shared throughout the DON.

DUSN: Creating highly visible partnership engagement opportunities that results in stronger DON international presence; achieving penetrating analysis of cryptographic intelligence that alerts DON leadership to new operations by potential adversaries. None of these examples are meant to limit or delineate award criteria in any way. This awards program is meant to elevate the recognition afforded by the ASNs, DUSN, and Staff Assistants in an overarching framework that builds upon SECNAV and UNDERSECNAV’s strategy for greater agility and accountability.

The annual A+ awards will be selected among the previous year’s impact awards, through a board of the Under Secretary of the Navy and Assistant Secretaries of the Navy (or their designated representatives). Winners will be announced in Second Quarter of the following calendar year.

All Assistant Secretaries of the Navy and Staff Assistants to the Secretary are empowered and encouraged to forward their annual award winners to the SECNAV/UNSECNAV for consideration for the Office of Management and Budget-sponsored Gears of Government Awards program. The Department of the Navy will have the opportunity to select the most deserving (8) individuals or Team representatives (4 Navy, 4 Marine Corps) for this Award, which recognizes the contributions of the Federal Workforce in support of the President’s Management Agenda in the areas of Mission, Service and Stewardship. All 8 will be recognized by the Secretary of the Navy, with 1 Navy and 1 Marine Corps winner selected for recognition by the Secretary of Defense along with similar award winners from the rest of DoD. All DoD Secretary of Defense winners will then go on to compete against similar winners from other Federal Agencies at the National level for potential selection for recognition in a White House Ceremony.

The Department of the Navy’s Office of the Chief Management Officer (OCMO) is the responsible organization for the A+ program. The Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Research, Development, and Acquisition) will support OCMO in the administration of the A+ Awards program. Further guidance will be provided periodically on this Webpage.