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Technology Security & Cooperative Programs
Building Relationships While Protecting Critical Technologies

As Navy IPO continues to advance international interoperability and coalition capability through management of SC programs, including cooperative international programs, we focus our efforts on the cooperative research, development, production and support agreements that go a long way toward establishing trust, helping to forge new partnerships and improving existing relationships, while protecting critical technologies.

We recognize that effective alignment and rapid execution of SC objectives is impossible without the enabling Technology Security and Foreign Disclosure (TS&FD) decisions. Every defense article, tech data, defense services transfer, no matter how it transfers requires a TS&FD decision.

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To date, the total cooperative programs products implemented in FY19 are sixty (60) products, which include: International Agreements, Information Exchange Annexes, Engineer and Scientist Exchange Program Placements, End Use Certificates, and Terms of Reference. This fiscal year, we are looking at 133 expected cooperative programs products and are at 45% of our expected goal. These numbers highlight the quality of U.S. defense products and the desire our partners have to continue developing and sustaining relationships with the United States.

In FY18 the TS&FD decisions and processes Navy IPO manages enabled record FMS sales, Export Licenses and Cooperative Acquisition efforts. Accomplishing this TS&FD work is a very small staff at Navy IPO (~ 30), With limited staffing, we continuously reprioritize our efforts, streamline our processes to improve turnaround time, and try to anticipate key SC objectives.

Technology Transfer Policy Considerations
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Disclosure Actions

Export Control Reform
Cooperation Programs
International Agreement Process


Our International Agreements (IA) division has been the catalyst behind the creation of key multilateral cooperative endeavors, including the twelve (12) nation Evolved Seasparrow Missile (ESSM) cooperative program, which is the DoD’s longest and most successful international partnership, and the ten (10) nation Maritime Missile Defense Forum, which ensures interoperability among allied maritime nations for this critically important national defense shield. Currently, there are 238 active IAs with a total project value of $24.2 billion ($6.3 billion are foreign contributions) and an additional 99 IAs in-process with an estimated total project value of $10 billion ($3.5 billion in estimated foreign contributions). 

All of our cooperative endeavors – establishing critical new partnerships with Australia in the maritime aviation warfare domain, such as the P-8 Poseidon Production, Sustainment and Follow-on Development partnership, as well as the MQ-4C Triton Development, Production and Sustainment partnership – are viewed by the DoD international cooperation community as benchmarks of forward, rich, and ambitious ways to conduct business internationally.