Business Management and Personnel
Developing the Security Cooperation Workforce

The Navy International Programs Office (IPO) is a great place to work. Navy IPO is made up of a diverse, knowledgeable workforce of people, with a broad range of technical and program skills engaged in important activities such as technology security and cooperative programs, export license, international agreements, policy, strategic planning, and business management. The employees at Navy IPO bring unique talents, dedication, and a level of professionalism that allows us to meet our goals and objectives now and into future.

Every day, Navy IPO staff can be working not just with any one of 140 nations globally, but with US industry, and the many USG organizations that have an interest in how we support US foreign policy through the export and control of military technology. These US organizations include the Department of State, Department of Commerce, other parts of the Department of Defense, and Congress.

According to the Washington Post, nearly 60% of the federal government's workforce will be eligible for retirement over the next 10 years; with 90% of senior executive service officials expected to do so. Navy IPO is preparing for this by continuously recruiting and retaining dedicated and innovative employees. Navy IPO’s career opportunities feature competitive starting salaries (and the potential for performance-based increases), flexible hours, great benefits, and the ability to achieve and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Business Management and Personnel Directorate is responsible for planning, budgeting & execution of financial resources available to Navy IPO, as well as all required comptroller functions. We are the DoN Budget Submitting Office (BSO) for DSCA FMS & FMF Admin funds, the approving official for all Navy IPO Travel Orders and claims, the manager for Official Representation Funds (ORF), and the manager for the Purchase and Travel Card Program. Navy IPO offers opportunities for federal civilian career, intern, and associate programs. Use the links at the top of the page for additional information on these programs.