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Receptionist / Front Office: 202-433-6800
Executive Suite: 202-433-5900

Where We Are:

Navy International Programs Office (Navy IPO)
1250 10th Street South East
Building 200, Suite 2000
Washington Navy Yard, D.C. 20374


Navy IPO is accessible by both the Navy Yard (Green line) and Eastern Market (Blue and Orange line) metro stations.

Navy Yard Metro Station

Exit the metro station via New Jersey Ave and walk east on M street until you come to 6th St SE. The access gate is located at the intersection of 6th St SE and M St SE. Visitors without a Common Access Card (CAC), please see the "Procedures" section below.

Eastern Market Metro Station

Exit the metro station and walk south on 8th St SE. Turn right onto M St SE and continue for two more blocks. The access gate is located at the intersection of 6th St SE and M St SE. Visitors without a Common Access Card (CAC), please see the "Procedures" section below.


Parking at the WNY is limited. Please contact your Navy IPO host in advance to determine parking availability. There is adequate off base parking both metered and pay lots within short walking distance.

U.S. Citizen Visitors with Security Access

DOD Commands/Industry wishing to send visit requests must contact their own security manager's office (DOD commands) or facility security officer (Industry) to request a visit request be sent. User our JPAS Security Management Office code of 688764 to send visit requests, and give the name/phone number of your Navy IPO POC (the person you are actually visiting). Visit requests are accepted for as long as one year. Use 688764* to search for our Security Management Office in JPAS. Non-DOD activities may use the Safe Access File Exchange (SAFE) at: to transmit any PII data in a secure manner. SAFE requires an email address; you may use DONCIO 171625Z Feb 2012 advises that we cannot transmit Personally Identifiable Information (PII) via unclassified fax.

U.S. Citizen Visitors Without Security Access

Contact your Navy IPO POC.

Foreign Visitors

Please submit visit requests 30 days prior to the planned visit through the visitor's Embassy using the DoD Foreign Visits System (FVS).


  • Make arrangements to visit with your Navy IPO POC.
  • If the visitor has a CAC and arrives via metro, DoD shuttle, or other conveyance (except Privately Owned Vehicle (POV)) they can enter any gate and proceed to Navy IPO reception area.
  • If the visitor has a CAC and arrives via POV, they will need to notify Navy IPO POC to park on WNY. (Note: Parking is quite limited.) The visitor then must enter via the "O" street gate and show approved government issued photo ID. Access the "O" Street gate by turning from "M" street onto 11th Street. The "O" street gate is the second Navy Yard entry on the right.
  • If the visitor has no CAC and are arriving via public/private conveyance they must enter via "O" street gate, show proper government issued photo ID, check-in at the Visitors Center (Bldg. 126 near the "O" Street gate), following visitor center procedures, and await escort from your Navy IPO POC. (Note: You must –pre-arrange with your Navy IPO POC.)
  • If a visitor arrives via POV and failed to notify Navy IPO POC they will need to park outside the base

Other Security Issues

All packages will be subject to visual inspection. Electronic Devices (Computes, tablets, cell phones, smart watch, pagers, etc.) are NOT allowed inside IPO's spaces. Please leave them in your vehicle, or, turn them over to the receptionist when you enter the secured area.

If there is an elevated Threat Condition for the Washington Navy Yard (or surrounding areas), entry will likely not be permitted