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The aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt leads ships from Carrier Strike Group 12 during a maneuvering exercise.

The Arms Export Control Act authorizes two ways that eligible countries or international organizations can purchase U.S. defense articles, services or training:
◾Foreign Military Sales (FMS) through a government-to-government contract or FMS Letter of Offer and Acceptance (LOA) case
◾Direct Commercial Sale (DCS) that allows purchase directly from U.S. industry with an export license approved by the Department of State

Foreign Military Sales Process

Customer requests begin with a Letter of Request (LOR) that outlines your requirements. The letter can be sent via:
◾Email to (cc: Regional Country Program Director (CPD)
◾Fax to 202-433-6672
◾Mail to Navy IPO 1250 10th St SE, Bldg 200
Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374
Attention: Regional Country Program Director (CPD)

Letter of Request (LOR) Checklists

The following Checklists are provided to assist International Partners and Security Cooperation Offices (SCOs) in preparing Letters of Request (LORs) for new Letters of Offer and Acceptance (LOA) or Amendments to existing LOAs.  The use of these checklists will facilitate the development of complete and actionable LORs which allow timely development and offering of the LOA:

General Checklists
• Navy Generic Weapons Systems Checklist
• SAMM C5.F14 Generic Checklist
• Range Support Services Checklist

• Aerial Targets Checklist
P-8A Checklist
Cartridge Actuated Devices and Propellant Actuated Devices (CAD/PAD) checklist

• Acoustic Augmentation System Program Checklist
• Acoustic Device Countermeasure Checklist
• AEGIS Weapons System Checklist
Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM) Checklist
• Lifecycle Support and Follow-on Technical Support Checklist
• Light Weight Torpedo (LTW) Checklist
• Nixie Upgrade Checklist
• Nixie 25(E) Checklist
• Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) Checklist
• Standard Missile (SM) Checklist


• LOR Checklist

• PEO C4I Radio Systems Checklist
• PEO C4I CENTRIXS Checklist
• PEO C4I GCCS-M Checklist
• PEO C4I Global Positioning System (GPS) Checklist

• Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAV) Checklist
• USMC Generic Weapons System Checklist
• USMC Radar Systems Checklist
• USMC Software & Services Checklist

Additional details related pertaining to LOA Development LOR requirements can be found in the Security Assistance Management Manual, C5.Chapter 5 at