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The aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt leads ships from Carrier Strike Group 12 during a maneuvering exercise.

The Department of Defense’s Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) Information Exchange Program (IEP) is the prime (but not exclusive) means for DoD RDT&E information exchange taking place under bilateral and multilateral international agreements (IAs). Under this program, governed by DoD Instruction 2015.4 the U.S. and allied or friendly nations conduct RDT&E information exchange through IEP annexes to IEP agreements. [These IEP agreements were formerly called Master Information Exchange Agreements (MIEA), Master Data Exchange Agreements (MDEAs), and Master Agreements.] The primary goals of the IEP program are to:

  • Build relationships and facilitate closer alliances
  • Marshal U.S. and friendly foreign nations' technological capabilities
  • Enhance the security of the free world
  • Improve interoperability and standardization
  • Identify cooperative opportunities

Navy IPO is responsible for negotiating IEP annexes to facilitate the exchange of RDT&E information, including Classified Military Information (CMI), in a specific technology or scientific area with allied and friendly nations. In general, these annexes are valid for a period of five years and are renewable.