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"It has been decades since we last competed for sea control, sea lines of communication, access to world markets, and diplomatic partnerships. Much has changed since we last competed. We will adapt to this reality and respond with urgency…The future of the United States depends on the Navy's ability to rise to this challenge."

A Design for Maintaining Maritime Superiority, Version 2.0

December 2018

Our world today is changing rapidly. Not only do we face national security challenges from a host of regional actors in virtually every corner of the globe, but major world powers have re-emerged. They challenge us across a wide spectrum and at different levels, from peaceful political and economic competition to armed conflict. And the competitive space has also expanded—to include not only confrontation on land and sea, but also in new domains such as space and cyber. Moreover, the pace of change has accelerated, complicating our ability to predict and prepare for tomorrow’s challenges. In this uncertain environment, the Navy International Programs Office is tasked with a key role in advancing our Partners and Allies in support of U.S. security interests. The best way to counter challenges wherever they should occur, quickly and effectively, is to build a formidable international network of allies and partners. They must be trustworthy, capable, and highly interoperable with our maritime forces. The tools or levers with which NIPO crafts this network include Foreign Military Sales, TSFD Policy Advancement, Cooperative Acquisition Programs, Data Exchange Agreements, Foreign Military Training and Education, Personnel Exchanges, Excess Defense Articles, and grant aid programs. In 2018 alone, NIPO assisted foreign militaries in procuring over $22 Billion worth of U.S.-made hardware. Not only does this contribute to a robust U.S. economy, it also strengthens the United States' political standing and military responsiveness and solidifies a bond and mutual understanding across a generation of military officers across the globe. I hope you find the information on this website to be useful. If you would like to know more about our programs, products, or services, please let us know.         

Our Mission

Lead the Department of the Navy Security Cooperation (SC) enterprise in building enduring global partnerships and advancing global maritime security.


Our Vision

Strengthen global maritime alliances, partnerships, and coalitions through security and technology cooperation.