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Council of Review Boards (CORB)
Check Your Remaining Eligibility
If your discharge is still within 15 years from the final date of your discharge, you are eligible for a record review or document review (DR) and a personal appearance hearing review (HR). However, if you choose to have a HR first, you will no longer be eligible for a DR later. If you request a DR, you only are required to submit a copy of your records to NDRB for reviewing. If you request a HR held in Washington Navy Yard, DC, you must travel to the hearing location at no expense to the government.
 Please use the following guide to help identify your eligibility with NDRB.
Your Status                                                                               Your Eligibility
1. Never petition NDRB before                                                                            - DR and/or HR
2. Petitioned for DR but the case was closed without further action (CWFA)            - DR and/or HR
3. Petitioned for DR and the request was denied                                                  -  HR only
4. Petition for HR but requested to CWFA before being scheduled for a hearing      -  HR only
5. Petition for HR, but did not confirm/return a notice to appear for the hearing     -  No longer eligible to petition NDRB
6. Petition for HR, confirmed to appear, but did not show up                                -  No longer eligible to petition NDRB
7. Petition for HR, appeared for HR, and the request was denied                           - No longer eligible to petition NDRB
Note : If you are no longer eligible to petition NDRB, you may complete a DD Form 149 and submit it to the Board for Correction of Naval Records (BCNR) to request for review of your discharge.