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Council of Review Boards (CORB)
General FAQs
Why does the Disability Evaluation System exist?   To assist in compensating a wounded, ill or injured service member who will not be able to complete a military career due to that injury or illness.
What is the purpose of the PEB?   To maintain a physically fit and combat ready force while affording due process and balancing the interests of the service member and the needs of the Naval Service.
What is the flow of the PEB process?   IPEB, FPEB, one-time VA Reconsideration, Petition for Relief (Appeal), BCNR
What is the mission of the PEB?   To review cases, conduct hearings, and render decisions regarding a service member's fitness for continued Naval Service in a fair, timely, and transparent manner.
What is the composition of the PEB?   The IPEB/FPEB are composed of 1-medical officer and 2-line officers; usually O-5/6.
What are the possible outcomes of the PEB?   Fit, Unfit, Presumed Fit, NPQ, PQ, EPTS
What are the possible dispositions of the PEB?   Separate w/severance pay; separate w/o severance pay; Temporary/Permanent Disability Retirement
What is the difference between a disability and a diagnosis?   A disability is defined as "any impairment due to disease or injury, that reduces or prevents an individual's actual or presumed ability to engage in gainful employment or normal activity"; a diagnosis is defined as "the mere presence of a medical condition".
Does a Fit findings from the PEB mean that I'm Fit for Full Duty?   NO; fitness for full duty can only be determined by your treating physician; Fit to Continue Naval Service means that you can reasonably perform the duties of your office, rank or rate.
What disciplinary action stops the PEB process?   Any administrative processing for misconduct which will result in a punitive discharge.
What if a civilian provider (out in town) provides care to a service member and does not want to dictate a board?   The decision to refer a service member into the IDES rests solely with the physician at the MTF.
How does pregnancy affect my disability process   Need Docs to answer
Can I or my physician request that my case be expedited?   NO, cases are adjudicated on an individual basis. 
Do terminally ill members enter the IDES   At the discretion of the treating physician  
How do referred OCONUS cases become assigned to a CONUS MTF?   If found UNFIT, Service Headquarters determines the location that the service member will be transferred too.
When do you need a LODD?   Anytime there is a full LODI completed (JAGMAN chapter 2)  and signed by GCMCA
Can my EAOS be extended during the IDES process?   Yes, the referring MTF is responsible for notifying service headquarters of any MEB/PEB processing.
When does a C&P exam expire?   One calendar year at the discretion of the Department of Veterans Affairs
If service member is going though active chemotherapy, do we terminate the case?   No
Can I obtain a copy of my MEBR/PEB records?   Yes, submit a signed request for your medical record to the SECNAVCORB.  Include your name, SSN, year of case completion, and a complete mailing address