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Council of Review Boards (CORB)
Application Process

Step 1:  If you are eligible to petition to this board, you must submit a complete application for a discharge review (DD Form 293) and a copy of your DD 214 member 4 (for former active duty) or a copy of your final discharge documentation (for former reservist).

Step 2:  Once received, your application package will be screened by the NDRB staff. If your application does not meet any requirements or is incomplete, your package will be returned to you within 4 weeks along with a letter of explanation.

Step 3:  If  your application is accepted, you will receive "A Letter of Acceptance" and "A Request For Information Sheet" in the mail within 4 weeks from the date the application is received. 

Step 4: You must complete "A Request For Information Sheet" and return it to NDRB within 30 days from the date the letter is sent. If you have any additional documents that you wish to submit to the board, you may enclose it to the letter. Please note that you may submit supporting documents to the board anytime before the final decision is made. Please make sure to write your name and your Docket # on the cover page.

Step 5: Once the "Request For Information Sheet" is received, the NDRB staff will make a request to obtain a copy of all necessary official records related to your request for a discharge review.

Step 6: NDRB Board Members conduct a review of your request.

      ***Note : if you have requested for a personal appearance hearing review held at the Washington Navy Yard, your hearing will take place at this step. You will receive a letter of scheduling at least 30 days prior to the hearing date ***

Step 7: The NDRB Board Members make a final decision to grant or deny your request.

Step 8: Your case will be sent to a close-out section and the result will be mailed to the address you provided. The online result will be available at the Board of Review Reading Rooms Website no later than 4 weeks after the case is closed.

Step 9: If your discharge is upgrade, the Navy Personal Command or the Marine Corps Headquarters (depends on your former brunch of service), will mail you either a correction of your DD Form 214 called DD Form 215 or a new DD Form 214 within 6-8 weeks. Additional information will be included in the letter from us.

Step 10: If your record review for a discharge is denied and your discharge is still within 15 years, you have an option to:

A. Repetition NDRB for a personal appearance hearing  review (HR) held at Washington Navy Yard with NO expenses to the government.  Please note that the process time for a HR is also 14 months and longer.   OR

B. Complete a DD Form 149 and submit your request for a record review to the Board for Correction of Naval Record (BCNR).