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Council of Review Boards (CORB)

1. A former service member (Navy or Marine Corps) whose discharge is less than 15 years ago AND

2. Never had a reviewed by NDRB before (OR already had a record review, but repetitioning NDRB for a personal appearance hearing review held at Washington Navy Yard, DC)  AND

3.  Requesting for a review of a discharge characterization and/or narrative reason for separation

Not Eligible (see note 2)

1. Discharge is over 15 years ago  OR

2. Discharge was granted as a result of General Court Martial   OR

3. Requesting a Correction of DD 214 (e.g. Date, Ribbon, Name, Rank, etc.) OR

4. Had a void contract  OR​

5. Requesting narrative reason to be changed to "Medical" or "Disability" OR

6. If you are requesting a discharge change to Retirement OR

7. Requesting to be reinstated into the service  OR

8. Requesting a back pay or separation pay OR

9. Already had a personal appearance hearing review  OR

10. Failed to appear for your scheduled personal appearance hearing.


Note 1: If you are ineligible due to any of the above reasons, you must complete a DD Form 149 to petition the Board for Correction Records (BCNR). BCNR's current address is:

Navy and Marine Corps

Board for Correction of Naval Records

701 S. Courthouse Rd, Suite 1001, Arlington, VA 22204 

 Phone: 703-604-6884 or 703-604-6885

1. If you have Honorable, General (under honorable condition) discharge, or Uncharacterized Discharge and only seek to upgrade a RE Code, you may Petition the BCNR without requesting a discharge upgrade first.

2. If you received an Under Other Than Honorable or Bad Conduct Discharge, you are encouraged to petition us for an upgrade of your discharge characterization first before petitioning BCNR for an RE Code upgrade.