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Council of Review Boards (CORB)
Application Tips

When submitting your application please provide only copies of your supporting documentation as the documents will not be returned.  Supporting documentation should include your VA Rating Decision, DD 214 (DD 215 if applicable), Purple Heart Award citation - if available and the award pertains to any of the injuries to be considered, other combat awards received, and those select sections of VA or military medical or personnel records that support your claim.  If you were processed for a Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) please include a copy of the PEB “Findings Letter” (do not include the enclosures) and the Medical Evaluation Board Letter.     

When describing how your injury occurred please provide details about the specific event(s) that caused the injury.  Injuries that simply occur in a combat “environment” (i.e. a combat-zone) are not automatically considered combat-related.  Review Appendix A of the application for a description of the categories that may be considered combat-related.  Injuries covered under the “presumptive illness” categories established by the Department of Veterans Affairs need only be listed as such within the application (i.e. Type II Diabetes due to Agent Orange). 

 Do not send your entire medical record as this slows the process of reviewing your application.  Submit only those select portions which document the cause of your injury.  This could be as little as one or two pages but should confirm “where, when, and how” an injury occurred (i.e. combat engagement, enemy artillery, combat training, etc.).

Do not express ship applications through USPS.  CRSC mail delivered through USPS undergoes a security screening which delays delivery regardless of shipment priority.  Email your application to, or FAX to 202-685-6610, or mail it to the address below.  Questions can be addressed via email to or the CRSCB message board at 877-366-2772 and a case analyst will return your call.  

Secretary of the Navy
Council of Review Boards
Combat Related Special Compensation Board
720 Kennon Street SE, Suite 309
Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374-5023