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Innovation Toolbox


  Online Survey Tool : MAX Survey
MAX Survey has robust options for navigation and in-survey conditional logic, and can be run either with a generic survey link, or, using "token-based" access control where you pre-define a precise list of respondents and each respondent gets a unique link to access the surveys. Token-based access control enables tracking of responses and personalized follow-up emails to those who haven't yet responded - greatly increasing response rates. They can be designed as remain anonymous (by not including the personal information in the result set), or, can be set up to automatically provide attribution for surveys where knowledge of the submitter is appropriate. Survey results can be downloaded to Excel or accessed via MAX Analytics. MAX Analytics can then be dynamically displayed within the MAX Community within integrated dashboards.
  URL Shortner :
/innovation/SiteCollectionImages/ is a URL shortener for government employees. It takes a long URL, like, and turns it into a short URL like only shortens government URLs - that is: .mil, .gov,, and URLs. However, they are willing to make exceptions for other URLs that meet their criteria. The service is only open to government employees. You must have a verifiable U.S. federal, state, or local government e-mail address to register for a account. also tracks the number of clicks each shortened URL receives, allowing users to measure the impact of their outreach.

TechSolutions is a transformational business process created by the Chief of Naval Research to provide Sailors and Marines with a web-based tool for bringing technology needs to the Naval Research Enterprise for rapid response and delivery.

Available on the Internet and SIPRnet, TechSolutions accepts recommendations and suggestions from Navy and Marine Corps personnel working at the ground level on ways to improve mission effectiveness through the application of technology. It is solely focused on delivering needed technology to the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps and moving the sea services toward more effective and efficient use of personnel. TechSolutions uses rapid prototyping of technologies to meet specific requirements.

Each project is structured with definable metrics and includes appropriate systems command elements in an integrated product team concept. While neither a substitute for the acquisition process, nor a replacement for the systems commands, TechSolutions aims to provide the fleet and force with prototypes that deliver 60-80 percent solutions which address immediate needs and can be easily transitioned by the acquisition community.

To succeed, TechSolutions needs active involvement and participation by the fleet and force. Every query will be answered, and if a demonstration is performed or prototype is developed, the submitter will be invited to participate in the process from the start through final delivery of the technology.

TechSolutions also needs active involvement by the Systems Commands and the Naval Research Enterprise. Researchers are invited to register at the TechSolutions website to receive announcements soliciting solution ideas for problems identified by the warfighters.

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