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Spotlights on Innovation

June 2016


The Navy and Marine Corps have a rich tradition of turning bold ideas into operational reality, and this ability, more than any piece of equipment or weapon system, is our inherent competitive advantage. As the rate of change in the global environment accelerates and the landscape of potential threats shifts more rapidly than ever before, we must adapt accordingly to maintain our advantage....

Last year, the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) set a world record by flying a swarm of 50 autonomous drones all controlled by a single operator. Now, NPS and Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx) are daring some of the best coders and hackers in Silicon Valley to break into them....

As the DON strategizes to meet the challenge that big data presents, we should remember that data comes in different forms (structured and unstructured), with challenges and opportunities for each. ...

The second Naval Innovation Advisory Council (NIAC) theme has just been announced! The theme for FY-17 is 'Design thinking for a learning organization: applying design methods to meet innovative challenges.' NIAC advisors have already been selected for FY17, but if you are interested in joining NIAC in the future, the application process for the following year will be announced in the next few months. In the meantime, please review the ALNAV for eligibility requirements....

The Marine Corps initiated its first logistics innovation challenge on 15 June. LtGen Mike Dana is leading the effort to improve the Corps with innovative ideas. LtGen Dana wants the Corps to take advantage of new technologies such as additive manufacturing, laser cutters, smart watches, and virtual reality. He invites Marines, Sailors, and civilians to brainstorm for ways to incorporate technology to improve gear. Participants may submit ideas that are as detailed or simple as they desire, teamwork is encouraged. Submissions are evaluated on creativity, feasibility, and potential for benefit to the Corps. The deadline for the challenge is 15 July and winners will be notified starting 1 August. Winners will be sent to a lab for prototyping and will be invited to discuss their ideas with top leaders....

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