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Office of the Naval Inspector General
Intelligence Oversight Division

The Intelligence Oversight Division manages the Navy’s Intelligence Oversight program and assists the Naval Inspector General in performing oversight of intelligence and sensitive activities throughout the Department of the Navy. Additionally, the Intelligence Oversight Division supports inspections, investigations, and reviews of intelligence components, RDT&E Technology Protection, security, personnel, systems, and activities within Navy commands. As Chairman of the Sensitive Activities Review Board (SARB), the Naval Inspector General reviews intelligence, intelligence-related, and sensitive activities to ensure these activities are conducted in accordance with federal law, Executive Orders, and applicable defense policies.

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Intelligence Oversight Frequently Asked Questions

Focus areas within the Intelligence Oversight Division:

 Intelligence Oversight

The Naval Inspector General Oversight Division is responsible for administering the Navy’s Intelligence Oversight program, and is the primary point of contact for all Intelligence Oversight matters, to include submission of quarterly reports, inspections, investigations, and clarification of regulations.

Intelligence Oversight is broader in scope than simply the protection of U.S. citizens’ rights and privacy.  Intelligence Oversight includes assurance that all Navy and Marine Corps intelligence activities, operations, and programs function in compliance with applicable U.S. law, statute, directive, and policy.

 RDT&E Technology Protection

The Naval Inspector General inspects or directs the inspection of security, technology protection, and counterintelligence activities at Navy and Marine Corps Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E) facilities.  An organizational entity is considered to be an "RDT&E facility" when it is owned and operated by the Government and conducts activities devoted to research, advanced technology development, demonstration/validation, engineering and manufacturing development, systems or operational support, testing and evaluation, or some combination thereof.

Directive Type Memorandum 08-052DoD guidance for Reporting Questionable Intelligence Activities and Significant or Highly Sensitive Matters
DOD Directive 5240.1DoD Intelligence Activities
DoDD 5200.39: Critical Program Information (CPI) Protection Within the Department of DefenseDoDD 5200.39: Critical Program Information (CPI) Protection Within the Department of Defense 
Directive Type Memorandum 08-011Intelligence Oversight Policy Guidance
SECNAVINST 3820.3EOversight of Intelligence Activities Within the Department of the Navy
DoD Regulation 5240.1-RProcedures Governing the Activities of DoD Intelligence Components That Affect United States Persons
Executive Order 12333United States Intelligence Activities
Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Intelligence OversightAssistant to the Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Oversight
Deputy Naval IG for Marine Corps Matters (IGMC)Deputy Naval IG for Marine Corps Matters (IGMC)
Intelligence Oversight FAQsIntelligence Oversight FAQs
Laws, Executive Orders, Directives, and RegulationsLaws, Executive Orders, Directives, and Regulations
Office of Intelligence Community Inspector GeneralOffice of Intelligence Community Inspector General
Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) / Navy e-Learning / NETC Learning Management SystemNavy Knowledge Online (NKO) / Navy e-Learning  / NETC Learning Management System