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Office of the Naval Inspector General
Command Inspections and Area Visits

The Inspections Division conducts Echelon II Command Inspections and Area Visits to assess operating conditions of Navy installations world wide.

During Command Inspections, NAVINSGEN assesses facilities, resources, and performance metrics to assess how well the command is executing its mission in accordance with law and governance. The inspection team interviews leadership, program managers and command personnel. The team reviews command policy, strategic planning processes, mission performance, resource management and facilities management, as well as compliance and oversight of subordinate activities.

Area Visits focus on quality of life for Sailors, family members, DON civilians to identify issues impacting readiness. Area Visits may encompass all the major bases in a geographic area or just focus on one or more specific bases. The objective of an area visit is to talk with Sailors, family members, Department of the Navy civilians, base and tenant command leadership, and service providers to better understand local issues and challenges.

Command Inspections

Area Visits