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Overview of Career Opportunities

We have opportunities in various areas dealing with financial management. These include professional auditors, accountants, general financial managers, cost analysts, and fiscal lawyers. These individuals may work such areas as: complex accounting issues, the transformation of our business systems, financial/cost review and analysis of major procurement programs, review, interpretation and creation of legislative proposals that have fiscal implications, audits that strive to improve our business enterprise, and financial resolutions to demanding operational needs that support our Sailors and Marines.

The federal government categorizes all jobs using a numbering system and refers to positions using the term “series”. In our community we will have career opportunities in the following series. This is important to understand as you apply for different jobs.

Financial Management
Auditors                                      511 series
Accountants                                510 series
General Financial:
Budget Analysts                            560 series
Financial Administration and Program 501 series
Financial Managers                        505 series

Cost Analysts                               1515 series

Fiscal Lawyers                              905 series

A general description of these series can be found on the Office of Personnel Management web link at: starting on page 45.

Additionally, the federal government uses a pay scale system called General Schedule (GS). Most entry-level professionals will start at GS-7 Step 1 pay with more senior level professionals earning GS-15 pay. Some deviations from the entry-level pay can be made within certain parameters. A current GS pay scale can be found at:

It is important to understand the duties of each series as you decide to apply for a job with us. Open vacancy announcements are generally categorized by one of the above professional series.

If you are interested in a career with the Department of the Navy, click on the underlined descriptions above and it will take you to more details about each area.